Little Blessings (Pt. 6)

:) Two happy puppies who, despite being overly exuberant at the thought of breathing, truly make me smile.

I need that today.

:) A daughter who gets into everything…but at least she keeps me laughing most of the time!

:) Have you ever eaten this? You should.

:) Catching up with a friend and missing her like crazy. It’s good that I m iss her because that means the friendship

is still there across the miles.

:) Roasting marshmallows and remembering with my hubby.

:) Watching Maelie push her car up and down the sidewalk because she’d rather PUSH it than RIDE in it. Funny girl.

:) W atching my dogs try to climb

a tree to get to

a raccoon.

The mental image of them climbing a tree is just funny.

:) Back Porch time…definitely a good way to end a day.

:) Finding the blessings in a day that wasn’ t an easy one.


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