Little Blessings (Pt. 47)

:) A run after being out for two weeks. It felt good. Really.

:) Taking the time to really clean the house (well, part of it ;)) and finding a pair of sandals for Maelie I’d forgotten we had. They’re on the big side now…hoping they’ll make it to next summer. We’ll see!

:) Free books. Since I write anyway, I figured I might as well read books (for free) and review them. First review coming soon!

:) Dark chocolate.

:) Watching my daughter learn to pray. Sometimes she prays for bizarre things…but I love watching her faith grow.

:) Sunshine and the fact that we still technically have over three weeks of “summer” left.

:) Jewelry making. Kind of on an earring kick these days…anyone need any? I make them…but I don’t really wear them. (I know I’m weird.)

:) Friend time with some Starbucks thrown in there, too.

:) Reading a really good post today that I’ll probably write about tomorrow.

:) Having a Father who can heal broken.


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