Little Blessings (Pt. 33)

Just so you know…’cause you may be wondering…I’m doing 100 of these. (I’ll tell you why later, ok?) 😉

Anyway, on with the blessings…

:) Friends who listen and give hugs and let me be a blubbering mess for five minutes. Or longer.

:) Photo shoots with sisters, a blue door, and a no trespassing sign. (Ooooops!) But I can’t wait to show you the pics! There is one on facebook if you’re my friend. More to come.

:) Finding out that Maelie knows the word “breadstick”. Who knew?!

:) 8 pm and bedtime and zero tears. Not one. Can we say, “TI-RED?”

:) Loving that little girl…the same one who says breadstick and who went to bed without crying…to the moon and back. Plus infinity.

:) Bright, hot-reddish-pink toenails.

:) Flowers on the table to welcome “us girls” home.

:) A package of free goodies in the mail…a wallet, a ring, and the cutest vase ever.

:) Two blank canvasses, paint, brushes…and two great ideas. I love painting. Happy sigh.

:) The reminder and Truth…that He doesn’t change. Ever.


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