Little Blessings (Pt. 28)

:) The funny things my daughter does…like pushing the capo for my guitar around in her stroller, yelling, “Capo! Capo!” (her newest word) Hilarious.

:) Wrecking dinner and being blessed with a hubby and daughter who will eat it anyway.

:) Computers that are still under warranty. Oy…

:) An awesome hubby who took Mae over his lunch break so I could go to my sweet friend’s organ recital. And actually sit there and soak it all in. ‘Twas wonderful…the recital AND the fact that I got to just sit for 45 minutes. 😉

:) Nine straight days of flip-flop weather. In March. Yes, please.

:) Walks with friends in the sunshine.

:) My Thursday morning Bible study…I love those women.

:) Something kinda cool that happened this week…I’ll tell you all about it in the next few weeks. But it made me smile really BIG.

:) Wagon rides and walks and playing in the backyard and sliding and trips to the park…with my girl. We have such a good time together.

:) Reminders from my Father this week. It is SO. GOOD. to be loved by Him.


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