Little Blessings (Pt. 25)

:) Sore muscles from running stairs. (I swear this is good pain…we shall see!)

:) A little voice that shouted out, “I wuff oooo!” today. Oh, melt my heart.

:) Pumpkin seeds and Diet Coke with Lime…post-workout snack of champions. 😉

:) Chances to love and encourage others.

:) The gift of music and how God’ s promi

ses have spoken so clearly to my heart through it. (See song from yesterday…it is truly worth the listen.)

:) Reading the Bible with my hubby. And praying with him…even better.

:) National Chocolate Cake Day…which I completely missed. But by a fluke, I made Heath Bar Brownies…those count, right?

:) Hugs. I love them all, but the best ones come when a certain little girl runs into my arms. Melt my heart again.

:) Being a child of God.

:) Answered prayers.


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