Little Blessings (Pt. 12)

:) I might actually be ready to RUN an entire 5k in two weeks!

Yay for motivation!

:) A sweet girl who continues to as

tound us.

Her newest wor

d? Strawberry, or as she says it, strawbaby. Too cute!

:) My creative juices are definitely flowing again! I finished the necklace I was working on today and even made myself a pair of funky earrings, which I was going to post a picture of… but I forgot.

Maybe tomorrow. I can’t wait to keep creating!

:) Facing a situation recently where I was able to choose JOY.

:) A chat with a friend today that encouraged my heart.

:) More friend time tonight…perfect night for a fire in the

fire pit.

:) God’s Word…and how He truly does give us an answer for everything we might be facing.

:) Sleeping in ’til 7 tomorrow…hopefully!

:) Three less loads of laundry to fold.

:) Answered prayer and new opportunities.

:) An idea for my Patch article.

:) Being loved.


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