Little Blessings (Pt. 11)

:) Friends who cheer me up and encourage me.

:) Writing…and a new opportunity, which I can hopefully tell you all about tomorrow!

:) Insanely gorgeous weather for about 12 days straight.

Rain today? No reason to complain at all…let it pour!

:) The BK play place and that Maelie is somewhat big enough to play there now.

:) Batik blankets and little reminders of Indonesia that are everywhere.

I love that it will always be a small part of us.

:) Creativity and the fact that it’s slowly creeping back.


:) A sweet daughter who loves other people.

:) Eight hours of sleep.

:) A sweet hubby who made me coffee this morning.

:) A fun weekend to look forward to…a girls’ night, a coffee date with my sweet friend, a bridal shower to help with, church, and (hopefully) a date with Tobin.

Hope you’ re feeling as blessed

as I am today.


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