Last Minute

So it’s 9 pm and I’m staring at a blank computer screen.

There were bound to be days like this.

I had several ideas this morning, but none of them worked for my brain today. I’m sure I wrote a few thousand words…but every one of those words got deleted.

My wonderful husband suggested I do an entire post in Indonesian.

That would be a very short post.

Something like, “Saya suka rumah saya dan saya ingin membelinya.”

That’s about what’ s on my mind the

se days.

(If you speak Indonesian, then you’ll have no problem translating.) :)

Anyway…a friend of mine does a really great post every week or so when she answers a few different questions based on the day she’s having. It’s pretty cool, but I don’t want to copy her…and I don’t want to do that every week either.

So I did a bad thing. I googled “I have writer’s block”. You wouldn’t believe how many ideas popped up!

So today’s post? One of those ideas… well, sort of.

I borrowed it and tweaked it. :)

Take it with a grain of salt.

Yesterday: I went to Goodwill for the first time ever. It was actually kind of cool.

I think I can be persuaded to join the thrift s

tore shopping movement. I just need to know what I’m looking for before I go…otherwise it’s way too overwhelming.

Today: My brain is tired. That is why I’m typing random facts about my life instead of blogging about something deep and thought-provoking.

And my sweet girl decided she did not want to sleep from 11:45 pm-2:00 am. Can’t say I loved that, either.

Tomorrow: I am hoping that Mae will take her two naps so I can get caught up on sleep. It has been a rough few days. I need the naps as much as she does.

Next Week: I’m really looking forward to our next coffee shop pick. Don’t know why I thought of that…maybe I need a cup of coffee tonight? :)

Next Month: Is March. I haven’t spent March in the States since 2005.

Hoping spring shows up on time, too. :) And I really like it that McDonald’s has Shamrock Shakes in March…they don’t have those in Indonesia.

Next Year: Goodness, do I really have to think that far ahead

? Maelie will be walking and talking and getting into more than she does now. I hope time doesn’t go by too quickly.

And maybe tomorrow I’ll blog in Indonesian. :)



  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I’ve been shopping the thrift stores for YEARS! And do I have some tips for you……Hmmmmm….could be a good blog post instead *laugh*

    Those baby days are short, though they feel like an eternity. Hang in there, you will be empty nesters in the blink of an eye….believe me! Sweet pics the other day! Such kissable cheeks!!!!

    My birthday is in March. I’ve looked forward to March all my life…..springtime is my favorite time of year, with all it’s renewal and freshness. Plus….I like birthdays! No matter how old I get.

    Ok…’s a thrift store tip: I walk every aisle and scan every item with my eyes, searching for a color and/or pattern that catches my eye. Do not touch every item, it’s just too much!

    And lastly…..I LOVE COFFEE!!! I had to give up my Starbucks addiction about 3 years ago (at the worst it was up to 3 a day!!!) and to relieve the pain, I started making a pot of coffee in the afternoons. Still doin’ that *laugh*

  2. Good for you for checking out Goodwill! There are treasures to be found, for sure. I would warn against buying games unless you know all the pieces are there. They repackage things to look nice, but we got one game home and it was missing more than half the pieces necessary to play it.

    I LOVE the Shamrock shake. :) I was so excited to see that it was coming that we went to a McDonalds to get one only to find out they didn’t have them till the next day! So a couple of days later Matt picked up one on his way home from work. Yay!

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