Just One Espresso Shot Today…

So today’s coffee is gonna be short and sweet.

If you came over today you’d find me vegged out on the couch, pretty unmotivated to do anything.

The house…ahem…is a wreck, and I’m going to have to muster the strength and motivation to pick it up be fore

my hubby gets home. Maybe.

And I’m actually cheating today…no c offee, just working on a BIG refill

of Diet Coke.

I needed the caffeine today, which is doing absolutely nothing for the killer headache that crept up a few hours ago.

It’s Holy Week…and Tobin and I have spent some time talking and reflecting and attempting to figure out some stuff. It’s been good to take that intentional time to focus on Christ.

But it only makes sense that during a week like this satan has made his very unwelcome presence known.

I feel defeated.

I feel discouraged.

I feel…I don’t know what I feel.

I so want a place to belong, that’s what I want.

I’m so tired of waiting…and I don’t even know what I’m waiting for.

I’ m just struggling with still being in that transition


Having a place to live but being unable to completely live here. Having a church but wondering where exactly we fit into it.

Having the desire to serve but not knowing what to do with it.

It hurts.

I just long to be settled.

And since that was kind of a depressing espresso shot, check out the new photo on the sidebar of my blog that Tobin took today. I needed a new one anyway, but it’s actually for something later. I think it’s cute…well, cute for me. 😉

That’s all for today.




  1. LOVE the new picture! Can’t wait to see what’s coming down the pipes for you!

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