Just Being

Just a little thought for y’all tonight.

..mostly ’cause it’s late and I have barely started the FOUR mongo loads of laundry I need to finish before we leave at noon tomorrow.

Can we say procrastination?

All together now…


Ok, you get the point. :) Anyway.

Today in Bible study we were talking about Job’s friends and how they came and sat with him for seven days after he’ d lost so much.

They didn’t say anything…they just sat near him and gave him permission to grieve as he needed to…and to be.

My first thought was, Yikes! Seven days? That’s insane!

I’m not sure I could sit with someone and be quiet for that long.

However, it was an interesting concept to think about in terms of this week.

I don’t know if grief is the right word for what I’ve been feeling.

I guess, in some ways, yeah.

I’m grieving the loss of a friend I connected with online.

I’m missing her already.

I’m aching for her family and those closest to her.

It hurts…and there’s definitely a void. That hurt hasn’t consumed my thoughts continuously, but it’s been there in the back of my mind since she died.

And there’s nothing wrong with feeling any of that.

While I am in no way comparing myself to Job, the concept of just needing “to be” hits home

right now.

It’s interesting how that happens sometimes and how we respond to it.

For me, just being means needing a lot of time to process. (Maelie took awesome naps this week.

:)) I’m generally a talker, and while I’ve shared what I’m feeling with a couple friends, most of my processing has been either through the blog or internal.

It also means pulling back on life and taking things slower. For me, being less social, whether I want it or not.

Maelie was also sick this week…three d ays in

a row at home. Not what I would have chosen, but that time gave me a chance to think. (And sleep. I did take a couple good naps this week. :))

It also means weird things like working out at 10 p.m., which I did three times this week when I had a sudden burst of energy. Or cleaning out my closet because I have the sudden motivation to do so…can’t say that cleaning is ever at the top of my list, though! 😉

I think sometimes we all need that in our lives…a chance to just be. No expectations, just time to process.

Does that make any sense?

I’m not sure it does, either, but it’s where I am tonight.

Thanks for reading, friends.



  1. Amelia J Hegle says:

    i’ve actually been thinking about this lately, as well. the chaos of life gets a tad too overwhelming sometimes and we all just forget to “be”. :)

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