Just Because…

Just because I can


No, truthfully…I sat down at the blog tonight because I want to. It felt strange for the entire day to go by without feeling pressure to sit down and write my required daily post. Maelie went down for her nap, and I ran three miles on the treadmill. Showered. Folded laundry and put it away. Picked up the house. Sent a couple e-mails. Got a lot done. It’s amazing the feeling that comes with freedom.


And, yet, somehow I missed something. Sharing my heart, maybe.

It’s been an encouraging week. A few little things here and t

here that are giving me glimpses of what the future might look like. Nothing big, nothing too exciting, but something to make me feel that I have a purpose outside of being a mommy.

It will be fun to tell you more about that…later. :)

But I have to admit to you that yesterday, I almost signed on for another year of blogging every day because I was so afraid to let it go. And I make no promises…who knows? Maybe I will blog another 365.

Oh, wait…366. It’s leap year. 😉

But for now, I’ll just write because I love it. And that’s enough. :)

My hubby bought me a present to celebrate blogging for a year. I’ve really wanted to see this movie since it was in the theatre, and he came home with it today. So…this is what we’re doing tonight. After we eat ice cream ’cause I saved my calories for it. :)

It’ s a good night.

Back soon.



  1. Don’t just save calories, save some tears for the movie, ’cause you’ll need ’em! Wonderful movie. Enjoy it!

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