Intelligent Conversation

As I was getting ready to put her to bed (for the second time) tonight, around 10 p.m.:

Me: Mommy needs to take off her combat boots. Ok?

Mae: Ok! Um, mommy?

Me: Yes, Mae?

Mae: Boots!

Me: That’s right! They’re my boots! Do you like them?

Mae: Um…YES! (It was very emphatic.)

Me: Should I save them for you to wear someday?

Mae: YES! (Again, very emphatic, this time with a cheesy grin.)

A few minutes later, after the obligatory (second round of) cuddles and songs and putting to bed, I had to go back into her nursery to get her laundry that I’d forgotten to grab. As I entered…

Mae: (her head popping up over the top of the crib) Hi!

Me: (whispering) Hi, Mae. Shhh…go back to sleep.

Mae: (plopping her body back down onto the mattress and NOT whispering) OK, Mommy! ‘Night!

Oh. I. Love. Her.




  1. Oh, she’s so precious! I love that she’s adding so much joy to your lives. Such a pretty girl.

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