I’ll Admit It…I Conformed

Those who know me will not be surprised that I’m blogging about this.

In fact, you’re probably wondering why it took me a whole week at my new site to rant about it.

I just. don’t. get. this. trend. (But that hasn’t stopped me from conforming. I know, I know.)

I went through a mild bout of reverse culture shock when I went to buy shoes this past October. For those of you new to my world, I’d been living in the tropics since 2005, thus wearing flip flops every single day. (Yes, it was wonderful, since you asked.) But my toes were getting just a bit too cold in flip flops, so I knew I needed to go shopping for real shoes.

Kohl’s was my store of choice. I like it that they carry name brand shoes without charging ridiculously mahal (expensive) prices. (Hang around here long enough, and you’ll get a good lesson in Bahasa Indonesia. :))

When I first went to the shoe section, I really thought part of it was missing. There were boots, flats, more boots, more flats, and even more boots. But where were the actual shoes??? I remember my heart starting to pound a little bit, and I honestly didn’t know what to do.

I felt like a little lost puppy (it’s ok to cry here…I actually let a few tears drip) as I wandered the rows, wondering what the heck had happened to shoes in the past five years.

Thankfully, Sketchers stepped in and saved the day…or at least my heart rate.

Tucked back into the corner of the shoe section, I found a few pairs of shoes labeled Sketchers Classics. Just normal semi-clunky shoes like what I had wanted.

I tried them on, made a super quick decision (brown vs. black…brown won), and got out of there as fast as I could.

But the whole boot thing…I just couldn’t get over it. I didn’t love the whole let’s-wear-boots-over-our-jeans look.

But everyone was wearing them, and as a girl desperate to fit back into America, I wanted to wear them, too. It took me a month or so before I finally decided on these.

And even a few more weeks before I was brave enough to actually wear them in public.

And they are sort of starting to grow on me. Sort of.

So although I have caved and conformed, inside I am still silently protesting this trend that I think we will regret (and laugh at) in the very near future.

And when we do, we will all be stuck with more boots than we know what to do with.


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