I Will Sing

I love music.

I sing

all day long…really. Sometimes I pull out my guitar and sing for Maelie. (She loves it because she doesn’t know any better yet. :)) Sometimes I just belt out a random tune. Sometimes I make up songs about things like…well, let’s just hope that Maelie’s first words aren’t something about dirty diapers. ­čśÇ┬áSometimes I butcher “Defying Gravity” and once I even tried to sing the ending of “Think of Me” from Phantom.

Um, no.

It seems there is always a song in my head and usually on my lips. I just love music and the powerful way it speaks to me.

So I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that my daughter is already “singing”. And, at times, sounding better than her mommy.


Last night was praise team practice. (Yes, the cold is at least better enough for me to try singing, but I kept the volume down. :)) It was fun…there was enough humor in the group (Titanic, anyone? And my heart will go on and on…) to keep us laughing, and most of the songs I could at least figure out.

Then we got to the last one.

It’s a Chris Tomlin and one of my favorites.

But it’s also one that I’m not sure I can sing in public.

There’s too much intense emotion that wells up within me when I hear it…imagine trying to sing it. I got through the words in practice, but I couldn’t think about the meaning at all.

Or the time in my life that it points back to.

A time where I was looking so hard for God in the middle of something…and I just couldn’t see Him. I wanted to…but my eyes were blinded by so much.

Loss. Grief. Lack of faith.

One thing that keeping this blog has done for me? It has forced me to revisit some of the tough things in life. And that’s good…I need to process things.

But the thing is…I’m tired of the ashes.

I want beauty.

I want to stand up and shout that He’s my God…and He is Everything…and that the things He’s done are amazing!

On days that are full of sunshine…AND on days that are filled with shadows.

On Sunday we’re going to sing a song…

It might make me cry. It might make me smile.

It might make me lift my hands and say, “God, You are so, so Good.”

But no matter what…I Will Sing.

I can sing in the troubled times, sing when I win.
I can sing when

I lose my step and I fall down again.
I can sing ’cause You pick me up, sing ’cause You’re there,
I can sing ’cause You hear me, Lord, when I call to

You in prayer.

I can sing with my last breath, sing for I know
That I’ll sing with the angels and the saints around the throne

How can I keep from singing Your praise?
How can I ever say enough?
How amazing is Your love!
How can I keep from shouting Your name

I know I am loved by the King…and it makes my heart want to sing.



  1. You WILL sing! What a great post of encouragement even in an emotional time. Thanks Mel!

  2. Judy Koehlert says:

    Wish I was singing with you guys. I have a hard time singing that song without tearing up. Hopefully next time.

  3. We missed you today. Hope you had a good weekend…and Happy Anniversary, too! :)

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