I Love My Girl

Ok, I’m gonna do some mommy bragging today. :) I really try not to do too much of that, but I do think I have the coolest girl in the world.


My sweet Mae had a rough week/weekend.

It actually started last Tuesday night/Wednesday with a cough. Things got worse, and by Thursday night she had a high(er) fever going.

Friday she seemed to be ok, but things got bad again at night, and her temp hovered around 102.2 or so.

We decided it was time to take her to the doctor so we headed there on Saturday morning.

He checked her out, said she had an ear infection and RSV, and told us to give it a couple more days but he would write a prescription for her “just in case”.

Just in case?


Maybe I’m off here, but isn’t three days of a fever enough? Tylenol obviously wasn’t doing the trick.

We waited it out anyway, and I put her to bed around 8:00.

She woke up crying at 9:45 or so and I went to change her diaper and take her temperature.


My heart started to pound.

I didn’t even k now

what to do at that point, so I sent a text

to my friend.

We gave her some tylenol and prayed over

her. I took off her clothes and she sat around in her diaper. (We had company…she’ ll be embarrassed someday.


I heard back from my friend and figured that I was doing what I could for now.

Hopefully she’d be better in the morning.

I packed her into her carseat (she sleeps there sometimes) and spent a very fitful night on the couch with her next to me.

She didn’t sleep more than a couple hours at a time, so neither did I.

Poor girl.

But what gets me about the whole thing is that I knew she was feeling awful.

All I had to do is look at her eyes and I could tell she was just not herself.

She was more clingy and cuddly and just wanted to be held, but she wasn’t super whiny or crying…in fact, she was pretty happy (and even laughing!) for having the temperature she did.

I love my girl…and what she teaches me without even trying.

That even on the bad days it’s ok to smile. That we can feel awful and still be a blessing to others around us. That laughter can sometimes truly be the best medicine.

We got the prescription filled yesterday (Thank you, Target Pharmacy, for being open on Sundays.) and gave her a dose of amoxicillin. Which she happily slurped up…and thank you, God, for giving me a girl who will take her medicine. :)

She’s still not quite back to normal…it will probably be another day or so…but she still took some time to laugh with her daddy yesterday afternoon and snuggle with me. And we even got out of the house for a bit today with a friend, and she did great!

Tobin took a few pictures of her this past week that are

too cute not to share. Enjoy them. :)

Love her!


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