How to Save $20 on Dinner…

I had a moment of genius tonight.

(Pardon me while I dislocate my shoulder patting myself on the back.) :)

I had been craving deep dish Chicago pizza for a few days… it’s amazing stuff.

We’ve eaten it several times since moving here, but it’s a) expensive and b) terrible for you.

Sorry to be blunt.

But despite the expensive-ness and terrible-ness, it is still one of my favorite things to eat.

But this afternoon, I started thinking… hmmm, I bet I could make it.

Pizza crust mix? yep, there was actually some in the cupboard.

Cheese? Check.

Pepperoni? Wow, we really do have everything we need.

Sauce? There’s always some in the cupboard.

So I got to work… and came up with this.

Take note that 1) it actually looked like Chicago deep dish pizza; and, more importantly, 2) it actually tasted like it, too.

Yep, I’m feeling like a genius tonight. And yep, I’ m taking orders.



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