I’ll confess tonight.

I am unbelievably homesick.

Like, tight-ache-in-my-chest homesick, tears-springing-to-my-eyes-constantly homesick, wondering-why-on-earth-I-am homesick.

I mean, I know this is my home. And I heart it. You’ve all read the love I have for where God has brought us. (And if you haven’t, I believe that the March-July 2011 blog archives will give you more than just a glimpse of that love.) :)

I was reminded today, though, that no place that becomes even a little part of us is ever gone from us.

And regardless of whether we were ready to move on or not, that means I now have this multicultural heart that will always bleed a little Indonesian.

And, boy, did it bleed today.

I think it had something to do with the fact that a pretty great class graduated today, and included in that class is a dear friend of ours. (And she reads here sometimes…so congrats, Amie! :)) I think Tobin and I both wished that we somehow could have been there. Instead, I had to live it through photos. Which was nice, but…you know, it’s not the same.

Big events like graduation and end-of-the-year events always bring back so many memories.

Memories are supposed to be reMEMbered…I get that. But sometimes I just want to hop back into them and LIVE them again. Just for a few minutes.

But I can’t, so I guess homesick is what I’ll be tonight.

Indo, I miss you.



  1. Hey, I’m catching up on your blog now :) Thanks Mel! It would’ve been amazing to have you guys there, but glad we got to see you in WI. Indonesia is a special place :)

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