He is Good

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that remind us how much God cares…

Like sunshine on a day that was supposed to be rainy and cloudy.

A good morning workout that left me feeling energized instead of completely exhausted.

Listening to a kids’ CD in the car with my daughter “singing” along…and realizing the truths spoken in those songs are His promises.

Lunch with a friend and a chance to catch up a little.

The ability to get through a daughter’s shots and only tear up instead of turning into a full-blown mess.

Hearing that a friend struggling to get pregnant is now over 20 weeks! (Ok, that one’s not small at all!)

Dropping another two pounds this week thanks to my pal, Jillian, and her kick-butt workouts.

And another good workout with friends tonight.

(I am really not as obsessed as I sound right now…)

A late night date with my hubby. We roasted marshmallows and spent some time together. Just us. It was nice.




And today…

Going into World Market and finding sambal and Kopiko…two of the things I have missed most from Indonesia.

Kopiko, one of my favorite Indonesian candies.

Yeah, the corner is ripped.

I didn’t even make it out of the parking lot before I tore into the bag…

Sambal: Chili sauce. Or in this case, crushed chilis.

I haven’t tried it with rice yet, I just dipped my finger in the jar. But it passed the test.


A small piece of one

of my homes.

He is Good.



  1. That chili sauce looks YUMAZING!!! I’ve used something similar on grilled chicken breasts over a bed of rice. So yeah, it looks like a trip to World Market is in my future. But, not today…..hubby took my car.

    Praise God on 20 weeks for your friend!!! Very cool!!!

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