He Did It With Love

On Wednesday Tobin bought me flowers.

Beautiful, vibrant, orangey-red gerber daisies.

My favorite.

We’d had a disagreement the day before, and I can’t say I had my most beautiful moments

during it.

I most definitely didn’t deserve flowers after it, either.

But he brought them home anyway, put aside his pride, and gave me something I didn’t deserve.

And he did it with love.

A little extra love for him crept into my heart that day, too.

And for the past few days they’ve been on our dining room table, brightening up the room and making me smile when I see them.

And reminding me of Christ.

Of how he freely gave me the ultimate gift of Love, despite my sin and many, many less-than-beautiful moments.

Of how he put aside his pride and endured the most humiliating, painful death just so I may live.

Even though I most definitely don’ t deserve i


And he did it with love.

That makes me smile.

And love him more, too.

Thank you, Jesus, for a gift I can only receive and never repay.

May I live each day to reflect your love.



  1. Nicely written!

    Well done Tobin!

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