Friend Thoughts

This is gonna be short and sweet.

Busy day = not much time for the blog. But that’s ok. 😉

This afternoon/evening some Indonesia friends came to see us.

I’m not sure what to call them…we were friends with them IN Indo, but they are

FROM Wisconsin. You decide.

Anyway, it was fun. We had some great laughs, and I was so thankful they

had the chance to meet Mae, even if she had a pretty rough day.

(Yeah, the fever she had a couple days ago turned into roseola, which the doctor had suspected, and

she woke up with a crazy rash today. Poor girl. At least it’s almost over.


Anyway, back to the fun. We just had a great time catching up, telling stories, laughing, roasting marshmallows, eating too much, and just…picking up our friendship where it left off a year ago.

We have so missed them, and it did a lot for our hearts to reconnect and make some more memories.

As wonderful as this year has been, and as much as I have enjoyed the new friends I’ve made…I’m so thankful for people in my life

who understand where I’ve been and what the Indo part of my life looks like. No matter how many stories I tell, no matter how many Indonesian foods I (attempt to) cook and share with people here, they will never fully understand that part of my life.

I know that, I’ve accepted it…and I truly enjoy those friendships for what they are.

And sometimes it’s nice that not everyone knows what life was in Indo…because we share the good stuff.

I can’ t say I was always a

t my best there. True…Oh. So. True.

Today made me incredibly thankful for the people God has placed into my life for each step of the journey. Some are part of it for just a step, others remain part of it even when our steps part ways.

So if you’re reading this (unless you’re a random stranger stopping by) you’ve probably, at some point, been one of those friends…or still are.

And I’ m thankful for you!

Just my thoughts tonight.


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