Five Minute Friday: Random

A blogging friend does this, and it’s simple…write for five minutes, don’ t change any

thing. (Ok, I concede…I corrected a couple grammar errors. I canNOT publish something with bad spelling or grammar…that would be like leaving the house without brushing my teeth. ICK.) Anyway, I have to admit that I’m slightly nervous to try this because my best writing doesn’t come out in five minutes. Well, usually.

But, I’m intrigued. So here we go.


I bought some killer shoes tonight.

Since returning to the States last year, I’ve only bought a few new pairs, and I really needed some nice ones (aka: something other than flip flops) to wear with the skirt that, yes, I am actually going to wear on Easter. So I went online and found them…and when I got to the store to buy them, they were even on sale.

😉 Love days like that.

They are clunky, have four inch heels…and borderline on crazy.

And I will probably break my ankle wearing them.

Here’s a pic…aren’t they SO cute?!

Our GPS complicated my evening. I left the house around eight, which left me ten minutes to get to Old Navy and fifty minutes to shop…which should have been enough time.

However, I now agree with a certain friend who will know exactly who she is…in that I dislike Randall Road and how stinkin’ hard it is to find anything there. I ended up taking an extra fifteen minutes because I just couldn’t find it! Oh, I long for the day when I can find where I need to go without the GPS.

We had a funny in our house tonight (that actually made Tobin’s status for facebook) when we looked over at dinner to find Maelie with her finger up her nos

e… grinning the whole time.

We. Just. Laughed. That’s the way it should be for awhile. In a few months, we’ll start telling her no.


On a more serious note, my sweet girl has pinkeye. She woke up this morning with one eye completely matted shut, so I took her in.

The sad thing is, she probably got it from me.

That itchy, red eye I had on Wednesday? Her doctor said it was probably a viral form of pinkeye caused by that lovely sinus infection. Needless to say, we are both taking the drops that were prescribed for her. Shhhh…

Wow…five minutes, huh? Not a lot of substance, but hey…it’s entertaining. Have a great night. :)



  1. Your shoes? Adorable! I’m more of a flip flop/crocks/birkenstock/tennis shoes/cowboy boots kind of gal *smile*

    Pink eye? Yeah…..been there, done that. I’m sorry!

    When I read the word “goodbye” in your comment on my blog today, I about freaked! And then I remembered…..GOOD FOR YOU!!! I pray there are blessings abound!

    Here’s to a weekend of peace to you my friend!

    • Yeah, I’m normally a flip flop girl, too, or I wear the same pair of Sketchers every day. I needed some variety in my shoe wearing, anyway, but I’m not sure I can even walk properly in these yet. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it without any trips to the ER! 😀

      Hope you have a good weekend, friend!

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