Five-Minute Friday: Wonder

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Today’s Topic: Wonder

Sometimes I wish I could see life through the eyes of my daughter.

Because, to her, everything is wonder.

She walks outside and sees a blanket of snow covering the ground, and there is nothing more magical.

She randomly stops whatever activity she is doing, stands up and spins…around and around, arms full-on-stretched. Embracing the fullness of life around her…simply because she can.

We’ll be out for a walk in the neighborhood, and she’ll break into her toddler-sprint. Nowhere to go, just simply taking her boundless energy and letting herself fly because, well, why not?

Or, tonight, we were at a Christmas tree lighting. Happy choir music, pretty lights, people all around…and she decides to do backflips.

Hers is a world filled with wonder.

At times, I’m jealous. A little.

It feels like when I grew up (sorta, anyway!) I lost my sense of finding the wonder in all that surrounds me.

I forget that the beauty outside my window screams of my Creator.

I forget that the beautiful girl I am so incredibly privileged to spend my days with is wonder.

And in the hustle and bustle and busy and crazy of all that surrounds Christmas, I sometimes forget about the

True Wonder.

That baby who, so long ago, was born in a stable.

He was the picture of wonder that would captivate the world…and change the hearts and lives of multitudes…

One of those being me.

May I always, always remember that wonder…and pass it on to my daughter, too.

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  1. LOL, I think we’re on the same schedule as I stumble upon opportunities to read your insightful 5-Minute Friday posts just a link or two before mine. :)

    You nailed it, Mel. May God help us to see this life through the wonder-FULL lens of our children. May He also help us to seize the opportunities to pass on to them the true wonder of Jesus.

    Sounds like you’re soaking in already Christmas wonder! Thanks for writing words that blessed me.

    • Haha…yep, I’m a late-Friday-night blogger. :) Thanks so much for stopping by…wishing you a wonderful weekend! Can you believe it’s December already?! Blessings!

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