Five-Minute Friday: Wide

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Today’s Topic: Wide

Have you ever seen the movie, The Shawshank Redemption, when Andy is finally free at the end and he opens up his arms wide and fully embraces life in a way, I’m sure, he never had before? Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet movie-moment for sure.

I’d like to think I live like that…or at least try to.

At times recklessly, but mostly just wide open…ready for whatever and whoever comes my way.

I especially see that in my life when it comes to friends…I want those deep, lasting relationships that start with wide open arms that say, Come on in! I’m not interested in superficial or shallow…I want the real deal. People willing to spill hearts, crumble walls, and embrace imperfect…all of which are even better over a cup of coffee. 😉

It doesn’t mean that I always embrace life fully…but it’s definitely something I want for myself. To live with a safe-ish reckless abandon and learn to love fully like my Father did. And still does.

What a beautiful example of wide…the way my Savior’s arms reached out so. much. wider. than mine ever will…He embraced the Father’s will for him and used those wide open arms to show the world just how much he loves us.


Five Minute Friday


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