Five-Minute Friday: What Mama Did

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Today’s Topic: What Mama Did

It’s a day I have waited for…and dreaded at the same time.

That day when I cross the line, officially, from child to adult. No, not my eighteenth birthday, but I rang that in a few weeks ago.

I’m leaving for college.

It’s time to go…time to get out of here, or more like high speed it out of here on I-35 in my awesome ’85 Olds.

And I know I don’t do goodbye well…or see ya later…or even hello, but what the future holds for me is bright. I just know it.

And I leave behind the place that started me…and the people who were the pieces of that beginning, too.

She was one of my biggest influences, my mom…and life turned out much differently than any of us had ever planned. Circumstances were unfair, the consequences of decisions affected us to the core, and when I packed my bags on that sweltering August day, we knew that I was leaving as a much different person than I had been before they ended.

Her and my daddy.

And my last two years there, it was just me and her. She was strong and did what she had to do, but the situation changed us all forever.

And now I’m me…not the same as I was, but still pieces of it.

Sometimes stumbling, faltering…and I learn again to rest in His grace and remember that there is always a brand new day coming where His new mercies abound.

Almost seventeen years later, I think about the new journey that day began.

I kiss my husband.

I love on my daughter.

I thank God for the many, many blessings He has so graciously given.

Included in those blessings, are those pieces from my beginning. My daddy. My mama.

And now, I continue on in her shoes.

And I hope that, one day, when my daughter is asked to reflect, she will write of me with thankfulness and love for all we shared.

Five Minute Friday



  1. I love how our Moms raise us to be strong women who can leave. :) Your Mom sounds wonderful and I love this series in which we can honor them and think about how we can be even better Moms to our wee ones. :)

  2. Your mom taught you one of the best lessons, I think, how to be victorious rather than be a victim. She gave you future strength for yourself and for your children. Great post.

  3. Such a beautiful picture you painted. Thank you for sharing just a glimpse of your mama.

  4. Hold on to the good, learn from and forget the bad.

  5. Dearest Mel
    I never had such a good relationship with my mom, but appreciate all your stories about your mommas. Even in those difficult last two years she seemed a strong lady!
    Over via FMF.
    Much love

  6. Mel, I just LOVE your heart! Such a sweet post! It sounds like you had a beautiful mama, and you yourself are indeed a beautiful one too :)

  7. Growing up and apart is a hard, right thing to do. I know that my circumstances, good and bad, have made me who I am today. Hold onto the good memories!

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