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Today’s prompt: Visit

IMG_4072I can’t believe it’s already been almost four years.

Four years since I clung to him at the airport, seven-month-preggo belly creating distance between our embrace, tears staining my cheeks as I released his hand and stumbled toward immigration alone.

Four years since I said goodbye.

Oh, not to him. He followed me six weeks later, after he’d completed his commitment to the school and just in time for the birth of our sweet Mae.

No, it’s been almost four years since I said goodbye to my other home…the one on the opposite side of the world.

Time flies. Like a jumbo jet across the Pacific…and I have been waiting for the day when we can board one again for a visit.

There have been many, many days when life here…the life we know and love now…has completely enveloped me. He has poured His blessings on, and we have gratefully accepted them. This is a good place, one I’m So. Very. Blessed. to call my home.

But there have also been the days when my heart longs to Visit. To go back and hug the people I love who live so far away, those I said goodbye to as tears brimmed and hearts ached.

And a couple weeks ago, we bought tickets!!!!!!

Can I throw in a late-night, happy dance? I just think one belongs here. 😉

It still feels surreal that, in a short 57 days, (yikes!) the three of us will board a plane. And after a stop in Qatar (who knew? I had to look it up on a map…), our plane will land in Jakarta, and my feet will, once again, step down on Indonesian soil, the dirt happily making its way between my flip-flop clad toes. (In March…be jealous. Very jealous.) 😉

There will be a beach trip, hopefully a little surfing, some BFF time, an exploration of all-things outlet shopping…but mostly?

There will be time to love people…those people I have missed so much that my heart aches over the distance that spans these two countries.

I can’t wait to visit.


Five Minute Friday



  1. Oh, I’m jealous!! I know it will be a wonderful visit and I’m so happy for you. Great post, friend.

  2. Oh, how exciting for you, Mel! Blessings and safe travels!

  3. So excited for you! I can’t wait for you to go and share it all with us too! (and yes – we’ll be jealous, for SURE!)

    • Thank you! So when I reread this post, I realized how snarky that “be jealous” line sounded…I meant, be jealous because I’ll be wearing flip flops. :) Sigh…some days I don’t think about how things sound through written words…though it’s hard to think about anything like that when it’s five minutes and no editing allowed! 😉 I’m looking forward to sharing our adventures with all of you! Blessings, sweet friend…have a beautiful weekend!

  4. OH I AM JEALOUS! I want warm sand in between my toes! It’s 5 degrees here now. TOO COLD! But I do hope you have a wonderful wonderful time! AND, I have enjoyed my visit on your blog! Come to mine for a visit too! :)

    • Oh, I’m definitely in the 5-degrees-outside club, too…and dreaming of sunshine and warm weather! Thanks for stopping by today…heading over to visit you now! Blessings, friend! :)

  5. So excited for you! I remember reading a post about this special place and the memories you have here. How fabulous to get back – and while it’s still spring thawing chilled where you are. This will be such a welcome break. Enjoy the anticipation as well as the visit!

    • Indonesia is really special. I’ve wanted to go back for a long time…partly because I feel like I need better closure. No one says goodbye well when the preggo hormones are running rampant. 😉 I’m looking forward to it and praying extra hard that it will be a time of joy and blessings…and I so can’t wait to introduce my daughter to the people there, too. :) Thank you for your sweet encouragement today! Blessings and hugs!

  6. Doing the happy dance with you! How exciting!

  7. Oh Mel…how this resonates. So beautiful you can once again head back to your place of heart friends so deep down dear and whose hearts you hold dear to your own. I am so excited for you because i know this is a dream you’ve held dear for the past several years. May the time be filled with much memory making.
    Were you born in Indonesia? What brought you to Jakarta those years ago? Sounds like an amazing journey.

    • Thank you, Janel! :) Nope, born in the U.S. My hubby and I spent five years there as teachers…it was amazing and wonderful and challenging, a time we’ll never forget. And we actually lived in Bandung, a city about two hours south(ish) of Jakarta. Forgot to mention that detail. 😉 Blessings to you, friend…have a wonderful Friday!

  8. I think I got the happy dance on hidden camera…

    I’m glad we’re going to get the chance to visit – and say goodbye again, this time properly. :)

  9. So excited for you, friend! I do expect to see pictures. :)

  10. So jealous for you for being able to return and visit a place where you left a piece of you heart. I know (through your words in past post) how much those people mean to you. I will began praying now for God to work in all the preparation. I, too, can not wait to see pictures.

    • Thank you for the prayers, friend! I wish I could take all of you with me…but there will be pictures. Lots of them. :) Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. Enjoy! What a blessing and what a new gift to share with your Mae…everything will be wonderfully exciting with her as well! So happy for you!

  12. Exciting, exciting, exciting! So happy, happy, happy for you and maybe a little jealously thrown in there too 😉

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