Five-Minute Friday: See

Today I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo for Five-Minute Friday. So, grab a timer, set it for five minutes, and join me!

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Today’s prompt: See

I hear it a million times a day.

See, Mommy? Look at her beautiful dress!

Look, Mommy! I can jump! (Insert leap from couch to chair…something she’s technically not supposed to be doing…) 😉

I need the light on, Mommy…I can’t see!

Will you play princesses with me, Mommy? Look, here’s Rapunzel!

There are so many times in a day when my daughter asks me to look. She wants me to see.

Granted, she is three years old and at that age…the age that begs for attention and time and more attention. Pretty much all day long. 😉

And the truth is that, most moments, I’m more than happy to give it.

I want to be near her, seated on the floor criss-cross-applesauce, seeing the world from her vantage point…one filled with storybooks and songs, dancing and furniture leaping, and lots and lots of pony-and-princess playing.

And, often…Mommy, look. Here’s the next story in the Bible. Can we read it?

And so we sit down together and read from her Storybook Bible or talk about the last story, and I realize how blessed I am to see the faith in her heart as it continues to grow. She’s learning, she’s understanding…

She’s beginning to SEE.

And it’s beautiful.


Five Minute Friday



  1. Sweet. This is just, so, sweet. Thank you for the reminder to sit and see from their vantage point; I forget all too easy how imperative this is. If I remember tomorrow I’m going to credit you in my heart =)

  2. Awe, that is beautiful! Sometimes it is so hard to see all the time, especially at 3! :) Good work, mamma!

  3. Mel,
    what a beautiful picture of your girl…3 is a precious age and one that requires a lot of energy from moms…love your heart for your girl…truly beautiful :)

  4. What a blessing to be able to see what she needs and provide it and when you do you are blessed. There is just nothing like being the one who helps them see Him. Your mother’s heart for your daughter is beautiful. It is a reflection of His heart for you both.

  5. She is so beautiful! It is amazing how we can see such growth and change in them. Kinda like He does with us, even when we may not see it ourselves :) These are beautiful days. Love you!

  6. This is such a sweet reminder to slow down and to cherish those special moments with our kids instead of letting the to-do list dictate our days. Thanks for sharing this beautiful reflection this morning at FMF, I have been so blessed reading this!

  7. No rewriting! This is beautiful! My little one is almost two, so it’s fun to see what the next stage might be like. Rapunzel doesn’t go away, huh? :-)

    • Nope…I feel like I’ve entered the never-ending Rapunzel stage. 😉 It’s so true that every stage is fun…I love watching her grow and change. So fun. :) Blessings on your week, friend!

  8. Oh my stars Mel! I love this… (I so remember this stage… it is precious!!!)

  9. Isn’t it so beautiful see when they take that next little step to getting it. When they begin to know more and more what the stories mean. You keep sitting with her criss-cross-applesauce for as long as she wants you to. When you do you are not only impacting her life but all the lives she too will touch and no amount of housework or cooking or anything else is worth that. Love you sweetie !!!

  10. She is beautiful!! What a lovely post!

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