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Today’s Topic: Remember



It’s a day I hold in my heart forever.

That early-Monday-afternoon in mid-June, 2010.

They placed her…all tiny, swaddled-up, seven-pounds, twelve-ounces of her into my new mama arms, and I vowed I would never forget that moment.

I stroked her dark hair and remember thinking that with all the heartburn I’d had during my pregnancy that it didn’t surprise me to see she wasn’t bald. :)

And I just looked at her. For what seemed like hours. Memorized her face. Promised to never, ever forget a single detail.

And now we walk the days together…my tiny girl grew and is growing, changed and is changing, crawled then walked and now runs everywhere, it seems.

She is beautiful…more every day.

She is everything and so much more than I ever dreamed in a daughter.

And I want to freeze time in our days, but of course, time doesn’t freeze. It defies my hopes and marches on, seemingly picking up the pace with each passing day.

Still, we mark moments. Photograph them. Write them down. Try so hard to remember everything. Knowing that one day all too soon, my little girl with messy pigtails and a song in her heart will be out making her own memories, marking up the world, singing even more loudly, loving like she does.

And we’ll be so glad we took the time to remember these moments.

My Maelie-girl…I am so proud to be your mommy.


Five Minute Friday



  1. She is adorable. What a blessing you are to one another!! I am glad I came to visit you here on FiveMinuteFriday because I remember when my little girls were that little (ok, they are 21 and 15 so not little at all anymore!) and I swoon all over again.

    Thank you.

  2. Remembering our sweet children is such a gift. “Everything and so much more…” Oh, yes!

  3. I love reading everyone’s memories of their loves… husbands and babies. Oh my goodness. Remembering our babies births is one of the most amazing things. I pray I never forget those moments. I know I won’t remember their first words or when they got their first tooth, but I hope I always remember those first moments when I met them. Thank you for sharing this memory! :)

  4. You moved me to tears. I cherish the memories of my son in this way, try and hold on to each and every wonderful thing he does. They grow so fast, it’s hard to imagine that he was once a tiny little thing.

    • Whenever I see a newborn, I am so amazed that my girl was once that small. But it’s true…they just grow too quickly. And so we hold on to every moment we can. :) Blessings, Megan…thank you for stopping by my space!

  5. So sweet and spunky! Adorable!

  6. “…seemingly picking up the pace with each passing day.”
    Oh so true. Such a bittersweet job, this mama thing.
    Thanks for sharing.


  7. I will never forget the day each of my four children were fist placed in my arms. Those memories are forever etched in my heart.

    • :) Hi, Barbie! I smiled when I saw you had commented…thanks for coming by! Hope you are doing well…blessings on your weekend!

  8. Now that my children are grown the memories of their births become more and more precious to me. Cherish the moments and then file them away in the mind-vault to revisit later.

    • I was telling someone recently how thankful I am for the ability to blog…I don’t scrapbook and my husband is the photographer around here, but in my own way, I’ve been able to write down so many of those memories. :) Blessings, friend…have a great weekend!

  9. ABsolutely beautiful! Such a precious day to remember. I remember my three so well. Makes me breath peace just thinking about it.

  10. Oh the precious precious times in our lives that hold our hearts, too!! I love the heels on your growing-up-too-fast girl!!!
    We are on spring break this week and headed to the waterpark of America in a bit–maybe in a couple years you guys can join us!!! That would be fun fun–or Bunker Beach!! Miss you! Hugs and Blessings to you!!

    • Miss you, too! Have fun at the waterpark…we will definitely have to think about joining you someday soon! Hugs back, sweet friend! :)

  11. I forget a lot of things but that moment you touch that baby for the first time is pressed deep with in. You have a beautiful girl!

  12. Yes! The moment every momma should remember! Thanks for sharing this precious memory with us.

  13. Mine was a mid-afternoon June 2003…Marlee-girl! And I’m trying to run too…so I know how you feel!

  14. Dear Mel
    My two are already making their own memories and my heart goes with them, walking wherever they walk, for a world lives in me, their worlds! Your daughter has your beautiful eyes.
    Much love

    • Thank you, Mia…everyone always says she looks like her daddy, so it makes my day when I hear that maybe there is a piece of me there somewhere. (Well, besides her ears, which we don’t talk about!) 😉 Blessings, dear friend…enjoy your weekend!

  15. sweet, sweet girl … hold on to these memories, those joys, this little life … how quickly the moments unfold …

  16. This is just so precious!

    Janelle Marie

  17. Wow, I think we have twin posts today! Mine was about finding out I was pregnant with Spencer and remembering his birth. I love being a mom and I know you do too. They grow so fast, and I try to imprint so many memories into my heart because I know one day soon, he will be too grown up to hug me in public or sit on my lap or take a nap with me. Joy to you today.

    • That’s great…I’ll have to hop over and read yours! :) Sometimes I feel like I reflect too much on her, but she is my life right now and I love it that way. :) So true that they grow and change in the blink of an eye…but I love who she’s becoming, too, so it’s a win no matter what. :) Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  18. Heart touching.

  19. Hi Mel! Just hopping over from Five Minute Friday. I love your writing voice and the memories you share of your daughter’s birth. I’m a mama of 3 and I know what they all say is true: the time flies. I write to savor. Remembering with you.

  20. Such a gorgeous little girl! And a beautiful post she’ll treasure

  21. Why am I not surprised she has a chocolate mustache? Or is that coffee? 😉 Both pics are beautiful, as well as the memories. Imagine not being able to hold your baby for 8 days. That was my baby. Everyone’s story is different, but they all have L-O-V-E in common!

    • Yes they do! And that one is chocolate. 😉 Thank you, friend…for sharing your story and being part of mine, too. (((hugs)))

  22. She so beautiful!!! Loved this post. And I know what you mean about looking at them for what seemed like hours…trying to take in what they looked like. I did the same. I remember just being exhausted (all but one was born in the middle of the night) but not being able to sleep because I just couldn’t stop looking at them!! Of course, a couple of weeks later, right around the time the last relative left, I thought, “What was I thinking??? Why didn’t I sleep when I had the chance??” Ha! : )

  23. How beautiful that you started by remembering her first day and ending with what SHE will probably remember…whether you meant to or not with that, that was such a great way to talk about remembering!

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