Five-Minute Friday: Reflect

Today I’m linking up with Lisa-Jo for Five-Minute Friday. So, grab a timer, set it for five minutes, and join me!

The rules: Write for five minutes. No editing, revising, overthinking, or backtracking. Just write. Then leave some comment love for the person who linked up before you…and anyone else because that’s the fun and the heart of the community!

Today’s prompt: Reflect

I talk about her a lot lately, this girl.


Maybe it’s because we spend our days…and most of our moments…side by side.

I truly feel like I blinked…maybe an extended blink, but a blink nonetheless…and she is nine days shy of three and a half.

A mini me in so many ways, even if she looks more like her daddy. 😉

But I am oh-so aware of the little mirror I have following me around…reflecting everything I do.

Oh, sometimes it’s awesome…when we dance through the living room together or surf on the couch. (Sssshhhh…don’t tell!) When we share chapstick and powder and wear bracelets together. Once in awhile we’ll sit down at the piano together and play. (Or, pound? ;))  And sometimes we even dress alike because we can.

Most of the time, I love that she wants to reflect what she sees in her mommy.

And, yet, there are those days, too…the ones when she pops out a word she’s heard me say, one that slipped and never should have reached her ears. Or when the impatience spills over and becomes a raised voice…and she returns it, sometimes even more loudly.

I don’t love that…because I know that the mommy she’s mirroring isn’t reflecting Her Father.

This mommy thing is hard…I dance through the sunshine and daisy parts of it, but sometimes there are tears, too…and not just from her. Fear that I’m messing it all up.

I have to give myself grace…and pray ever day that He’ll help me to reflect Him so she can, too.

Five Minute Friday



  1. Oh Mel, motherhood is the toughest most rewarding job. So glad to see you here tonight!!

    • Thanks, friend…I’ve missed a few FMF’s lately. Glad I made this one! Hope you are doing well…blessings and happy weekend to you! :)

  2. Mel,
    I love your posts about your daughter…don’t we all feel like we are failing parents?…isn’t that the part of parenting that your parents never let you see?…that they didn’t have it all together and felt like a colossal fail a lot of the time… Parenting one of the biggest schools of all..only we the teachers are the real students…that classroom of patience and selflessness and also grace for us…The arena in which we learn about forgiveness and humility when we ask a three year old for it…Your little girl sounds like a bundle of fun and so do you! Don’t you love when our daughters confirm our worth in their hearts by trying to emulate us?!
    Wish we could share a literal cup of cinnamon coffee!

  3. So true. Parenting is the toughest, best job. It amazing how it reminds me again and again of my need to stay connected to Him and how much I learn about my relationship to the Father by parenting my little one. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those beautiful girls, they get us don’t they? It is an amazing blessing to watch a beautiful young life unfold in front of you and seeing them go further than you ever dreamed….it all starts when they are so very little. I promise that the seeds of faithful prayers we plant do not return a void crop. They give beautiful harvest. I am seeing that come about….from 3 to 17 seems to go so very fast. Love to you and your precious girl!!

  5. Motherhood is hard…but oh so worthwhile! I wish we’d of had more time to connect at Allume. I would love to get to know you in person!

    • Oh, me too, friend! I feel like we all need to show up at Allume on Monday next year for an extra few days to hang out with everyone and drink coffee and chat! (Should we just throw a party for a whole week?!) 😉 Hugs to you…wishing you a blessed week!

  6. yes! so very yes – I have heard a word or two lately from small lips that I must confess to having inadvertently taught them. But thank the good Lord for his grace. And those moments that make the heart burst at the wonder of these small people living among us :)

    • YES…so thankful for that Grace! I remind myself that there’s always a teachable moment…even in my ugly moments. :) Blessings, friend…thank you for your encouragement!

  7. Sitting here with my cup of coffee this morning with tears in my eyes as I read your post. I am reflecting on those early years of mothering with all it’s uncertainties. I wish I could tell you that it changes as they all leave the nest and become adults but it doesn’t. I too pray for wisdom on my reflection and bestow grace on myself for those not so good moments. Be blessed He is faithful!

    • You are sweet, friend…being a mama definitely has those days. Embracing it with all of the unknown has been the biggest walk of faith, one I’m sure none of us would trade for anything! Blessings back to you…have a wonderful week! :)

  8. Visiting from FMF today. Thank you for sharing your heart words – motherhood is complicated, messy, and amazing all in the first five minutes of every day. I have no doubt your prayers are being heard and that the reflection is growing and changing to show the Father’s will in your life.

  9. YES YES YES Motherhood is hard and not just when they are little. Your heart for your little one is such a reflection of Christ’s love for us. Continue to seek wisdom from Him and pointing her in the way she should go.

  10. Here’s to more sofa surfing and a little less rule following this Christmas 😉

    • YEP! (As long as we don’t fall off and land on our heads…that may or may not have *almost* happened the other day! Oops…) 😉 (((hugs)))

  11. Oh Mel, yes, I so get this. An extended blink, but a blink nonetheless.

  12. It’s in those “mess-ups” that we can reflect His grace and love as we confess and receive forgiveness. I think two of the most powerful words our children can hear us say are “I’m sorry.” Envisioning you and her dancing and couch surfing make me smile. You’re an awesome momma, Mel!

    • So agree with that…and I’ve been surprised how hard it can be to say them, even to a three year-old. But she needs to hear them. You are sweet, my friend…thank you for the joy you bring! Hugs today. :)

  13. I have one of those mirrors, too. They can shine bright or show every smudge you wish wasn’t there. I’ve blinked, too, and mine will be 5 in less than a month now. Wow! Just wow!

    • Time flies, doesn’t it! I feel like my mirror shows the smudges more than the shiny…gotta remember we’re both always in progress. :) Blessings and hugs…have a great week, friend!

  14. Great post, Mel! Motherhood is hard but I’m sure you are doing a wonderful God. So grateful that God covers us when we mess up. Trust and believe that you are doing great!

  15. What an adorable girl you’ve birthed, if that’s not a weird way to say it haha.
    Seriously, she’s a cutie pie!
    The bond you two have is complete sweetness :)
    Praying blessing on your motherhood today!

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