Five-Minute Friday: Ordinary

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Today’s Topic: Ordinary

When I was younger, I wished for blond hair and blue eyes.

And other than those few months of scorching, Iowa summer each year, when the combination of sun and chlorine would turn my locks a sandy-gold color, this brunette always kept wishing.

Well, there was that time in college when I bleached my hair so white I ruined it and had to cut it all off… 😉

But, back to the life of a brunette. One with brown eyes, too.

I spent so much of my childhood feeling like that plain, ordinary girl…the one who blended in with everyone else. The one who never stood out. (Well, for a good reason, at least.)

Much of life is the same, probably for most of us.

We stare at what we see reflected in the mirror and wish for something more…something to make us stand out, something to make us special, something to tell the world, I’m worth seeing.

Anything at all to release us from the stickiness that the label of ordinary brands those of us who let it define a piece of who we are.

And then He reminds me, as He always does…just when I’m getting to that point of discontentment and wishing.

You are Mine.

I love you, just as you are.

Enough that I bought you for a price.

None of those scream ordinary at all.

In fact, I‘m pretty sure they’re extraordinary.

I dye my hair every four weeks now. (Special thanks to my daddy-o for the awesome genes in making me gray in my mid-30’s. :))

My color of choice?

Deep, dark brown. :)

Five Minute Friday



  1. There’s so much wonderful in this post. We are so much more than ordinary – if only we’d stop comparing ourselves to others and start looking at ourselves through God’s eyes, we’d be able to see it. Isn’t He patient with us! :)

  2. Love it. Wait until you embrace your gray! Ha! I did a couple of years ago and I think I have awesome Xmen hair. ?

    • 😀 Love it. People tell me that I WILL get to the day when I’ll embrace it, but sometimes I wonder! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Learning that the extra part of extraordinary has nothing to do with the way we look and everything to do with Him in us. Thank you for sharing.

    PS. I started getting gray in my 30’s but felt luck cause mom got her first grey in he teens.

    • Well, technically…I’m sure I plucked my first gray when I was still a teenager. :) Thankfully it waited til I was almost in my 30’s to really show up with a vengeance. :) Have a great weekend, Amy!

  4. Wow! What a great post! And a wonderful reminder that we are all extraordinary to the One who matters most. Thank you for sharing this! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Dearest Mel
    I hear your heart in this!! You are so special in your Pappa’s eyes, totally extra-ordinary! Even if you were the only person He ever created, your Lord Jesus would still have died for you to reconcile you to Himself. That makes you extra extra-ordinary, don’t you think! And who would want blue eyes when they could have your beautiful soulful brown ones?
    Much love

  6. I love this! I found it interesting to read in that yesterday my 11 year old – who is blond with her daddy’s brown eyes (and beautiful!) told me she wished she had brown hair. What is it that makes us wish for something different than who God created us to be? Why can’t we see how extraordinary we are, in Him?

    But I do think next time you dye your hair – it should be deep, dark brown – with a few streaks of blue! I think it would look cute on you!

  7. Mel, I am a former blond haired (light brown now – thanks to pregnancy weirdness) with blue eyes who wished for jet black hair when I was in my teens and beyond (but was never brave enough to do it – so I am impressed with your bravery to dye yours white!). I think you are right that we often view ourselves as ordinary which is a shame because no one is ordinary. Your smile is beyond ordinary! That big smile in the little thumbnail is what drew me to check out your blog. Keep smiling, friend!

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