Five-Minute Friday: Mercy

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Today’s prompt: Mercy

Some nights I feel wordless…very wordless.

And tonight is one of them.

His Mercy Overwhelms Me. I know that much. I know how it has changed my life, how it has changed my heart.

I often talk about how thankful I am for the fact that His mercies are new every morning.

That’s because I. Need. Them. and I can’t pretend that I don’t.

I mess up…I have bad days, I say mean things, I do things that don’t honor Him…and I need His Mercy and Forgiveness.

I need those new days.

Recently I had A. Day. with my girl. It was just one of those frustrating ones…the kind when little, three year-old wills take over and don’t quite want to do what their mamas ask them to. Over and over, all day long.

And by the end, well, let’s just say I welcomed bedtime with a little happy dance. 😉

There weren’t a bunch of gushing, I-love-you’s as she cuddled down into her pillow and I closed her door for the night.

But the next morning when I heard her wake up?

I went into her room, and her head popped out from under her blanket, the biggest smile ever on her face.

We snuggled and said our good mornings…and it was a reminder to me, one that was so needed.

New mercies, new compassion, a new day.



Five Minute Friday



  1. Today was one of those challenging days for me, one of those days when I thought about selling my toddler on ebay. BUT then he sat down on the couch and patted for me to sit next to him and just smiled and laughed with me. I wonder if that’s how God every feels about us…

  2. So grateful that children are resilient and can forgive us easier than we forgive ourselves. Thank you for sharing!!


  3. precious girls…they can be so much fun! Enjoy that girl! hugs fmf friend!

  4. Mel, every post you write really impacts my heart. Bless you, sweet friend.

  5. I feel like every day is one of those days with my kids :( Just that age… but so thankful for our kid’s mercies each morning, but especially for His. For all our lost tempers and snapped words… Love you, friend!!!

  6. I have been ever so grateful for new each day lately. Your words are precious. Thankful for you sweet friend.

  7. i feel like my 3 year old always shows me abundance of mercy because I seem to lose it with her the most…and yet she pours out her love and forgiveness on me hourly…little hearts still know how to forgive and they are true mercy displayers for lack of a better word

    • We really can learn so much from those little hearts, can’t we? They demonstrate forgiveness and mercy so beautifully. :) Blessings to you, Somer…have a great weekend!

  8. Oh Mel, I had one of those days yesterday!!! Love the way you love your daughter and for the marvelous gift of Mercy!

  9. The picture of you two is priceless! 😉 I LOVE.

  10. Sweeeeet. I don’t think I ever really understood that verse until I got to wake up to morning baby snuggles. They get it.

  11. Oh Mel, laughing with you because I still have those days now and my girl is nine. It’s always a process, isn’t it. But let me tell you, just like yours, she pops up in the morning with a sweet smile like the night before didn’t happen. Grace! New mercies! Loving this right there with you!

    • Thank you, friend! Yep…it’s funny how they forget and move on so easily. A good lesson for this mama, to be sure. :) Blessings and happy weekend to you!

  12. It’s difficult to find the space for compassion in a difficult situation. I struggle with this too, and then suddenly things change and you are reconnected. What I have been finding interesting in reading everyone’s posts is the nuances of mercy and compassion across our different faiths. This has been a most intriguing journey.

  13. I know those moments, friend. And I have a tendency to thank the Lord in advance for the new mercy that is headed my way with the new day. I need it. We all need it! You are not alone. Happy dances at bedtime are my thing!
    I love your post and your beautiful picture. Enjoy His mercy today, sweet friend!

    • It makes me feel so much better that I’m not the only mama out there who does a little dance at bedtime! 😉 Thank you for your sweet words, friend…blessings!

  14. Wow…the forgiveness of a little child…isn’t that reminiscent of God’s mercies? He does not remember our sins…just like little children…fresh start. Thank you for the sweet reminder!

  15. i think its one of the most challenging things out there… forgiving ourselves for all the times we miss the mercies… so i’m glad SO GLAD for those mornings with a fresh start too… glad you got one!

  16. Well don’t I completely understand this one?! My 7-year-old (the one I sent to bed with tears streaming down his face) was happy to snuggle and love me this morning. I am so thankful for the resilience of children!

    New grace and mercy every morning. Thank the Lord! :) :)

  17. Lovely! The kids and I had a rough go of it at bedtime last night. I was mad. But when I went to wake them up this morning, I still was sweet. Because they need my new mercies just like I need Jesus’.

    • Thank you, Jen…that’s such a good reminder. Sometimes I forget that, even though she’s young, she needs those mercies, too. :) Blessings and happy week to you!

  18. Sometimes I feel so bad after my kids have gone to bed and think what a rotten mother I have been and then the next morning they treat me as though nothing bad ever happened. Kids are the best example of grace I know!!

  19. I had a very frustrating morning with my daughter and I hate sending her off to school mad, but there are days it is what it is. Thankful I have the day to cool off and figure out what to do before she gets home. And so very thankful for new mercies every morning, they really do make such a difference in our perspectives.

    • Oh, friend…I’m sorry for the tough start to your day. I’m sure things are fine now…it is amazing how a few hours can give that shift in perspective. And, believe me, even with a three year-old, sometimes I need to cool off, too! Hope you have a great week. (((hugs))) :)

  20. Oh, I know this all too well. 3 kiddos 6 and under, homeschooling, mom is mom and teacher…it gets trying. Thank the Lord for His new mercies and for new days to begin again. I would be so lost without Him.

  21. Yes, this. Heaven sent and the best gift ever that tells us we are enough. Wholly accepted humans made Holy.

  22. My kids constantly teach me about forgiveness and mercy!!

  23. this is precious… and piercing all at once. wonderful write!

  24. Yay for new mercies every morning! And some days that bedtime comes as a sweet mercy as well, right? It is good to read your words again. I’ve been out of the writing loop lately. Bless you!!

    • Love that…bedtime (often) IS sweet mercy. :) It made me smile to see you here again, friend! I’ve missed you but am so happy for you and the blessings in your life! God is good. :)

  25. Visiting from FMF…Beautiful reminder that our children are evidence of Jesus’ new mercy everyday! If only we could be more child-like!

  26. Love the picture of you two! The ability of children to love & overlook & forgive is amazing. Probably why the Lord told us to become like little children :) What an amazing reminder today.
    Have a great Friday,

  27. This is so, so true. We are like that little 3 year old… always happy to see Him… and He is always happy to snuggle down into love with us!

  28. Mel,
    Your post so resonated with me. I, too, have a 3 year old and some days are LONG and I happily welcome bedtime. But the next morning I’m excited to greet her with a smile on my face, a big hug and lots of snuggles. She’s learning and what better person to love mercy, than sweet momma!?

    • It seems like the days ARE long…yep. Maybe that’s why I feel like dancing at bedtime? 😉 But in all seriousness…those mornings snuggles are truly the best. I love how God made toddlers like that. :) Have a great week, Ginny! Blessings!

  29. Yep… so glad for fresh mercies… I actually woke up with that phrase running through my head this morning… because this week, the one that kicked my butt, is behind me , this morning is new and His promises are still constant!

  30. I am convinced bedtimes were created by God for moms… and maybe the Lord knew what we have come to learn… Maybe He feels just like we do sometimes. “I wish they would just knock it off!” Haha. But, in all seriousness you are exactly right. His joy comes with the morning… full of new mercies for the day. That day… like fresh bread from Heaven.

  31. Had one of those days this week. And my baby girl is 18 years old! We did not like each other this past Sunday. Not. At. All. But then yesterday, I was sick in bed and guess who came over and asked if she could do anything for me…went and got groceries and fed the other munchkins? That same daughter. New Mercies. One of my all time favorite verses and one oft quoted as I lay my head down at night. Blessings, my dear! As always, love your post.

  32. I’ve had those days…where bedtime couldn’t come fast enough. Then in childlike innocence they awake with no ties to the day before but love and acceptance…it’s amazing ! I thank God that He can wipe my day clean and allow me to start over in the innocence of a child granted mercy for my new day…
    Thanks for the reminder…

  33. Three year olds can undo a person faster anyone who’s never had one could possibly believe. Twos are nothing by comparison, but those threes…I’m surviving one right now, lready made it through two others, and am praying baby boy goes easier on me than his sisters. If not, at least I’ll have this community…and coffee. Lots of coffee :)

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