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Today’s prompt: Last

Oh, goodness.

Well, when I saw the prompt, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about…but it’s kind of one of those things I’d rather erase from my mind forever.

So we’ve all been there…gym class.

For the sake of this story, let’s go back to the *joyous* days of middle school.

It’s time to pick teams for scooter hockey. (Did anyone else play that?)

And there she sits…Mel. Awkwardly, criss-crossed legs, too short uniform shorts, wearing a red t-shirt, Mel.

Watching the others being picked one by one.

By one.

By one.

Until there’s only one.

And then Mr. Captain finally calls out her name, and she stands up.

Walks over to the team that has to take her but doesn’t really want her.

And all the joy of that day’s game is gone…because she feels like she doesn’t belong.

I’m grown up now, but occasionally those feelings still creep back…the kind that say,

You’re not good enough.

You don’t have a place here.

And maybe that’s why I’m so glad that even if I’m one of those who is picked last sometimes (and maybe we all are) that I’m still precious in His sight.

I belong.

We all do.

And if we were choosing teams for scooter hockey tonight, friends, I’d want you all on my team. 😉

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  1. Boy, would we be in trouble if we were on the same scooter hockey team! Finally, by high school, I figured out that I can’t throw, catch, kick, dribble, or hit, so I might as well just run. It has become an addiction that has served me well on so many levels…judging from your bio, we could be good friends. Running, coffee, chocolate, music, kids, husbands, and a Heavenly Father? Yes, those are teams we can be on together!

  2. That was totally me! Gym was my downfall in school, and I was always last-picked. I hated those days. :( But you are always at the top of my list now, Mel :) We can be picked last together :) Love you!

    • That’s really funny because you strike me as someone who was always super-athletic. (At least you have to be now to even attempt the Tough Mudder!) 😉 Love you, friend…hope your weekend is fabulous! (((hugs))) and prayers.

  3. I know I was in the same position many times (although scooter hockey was never on the agenda) :) Your words bring me to a time I’d like to forget but it’s part of me and for that I will embrace those memories and be thankful I am beyond needing the approval of others..well, sometimes.

    Love it!!!

    • I think the technical term is floor hockey…see how much I dreaded it? I can’t even remember the name! 😉 Agreed…though it’s not a fun memory, if I can find a blessing in it, I’ll take it! Happy weekend, sweet friend!

  4. Oh sister. I pick you right here. Right now. You’re on my team – forever. Great post and I think we can all relate in some way. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Amen, so very true.

  6. Ha! I know this feeling too well. I was that girl too. I don’t know you but you seem like an awesome lady and I’d add you to my rag-tag crew of buddies. Even though we’re not even in the same country. You have been one of the few Christian people I know to receive a Buddhist with open arms and understanding. Thanks. That means a lot. I’d add you to my team.

    • That means a lot, Tam…thank you. :) You are welcome here anytime, and I sincerely mean that…understanding and acceptance go two ways, and I would say the same for you. Blessings, friend…have a great weekend! :)

  7. You would be my first pick!! :) I can so relate with this and am so grateful to have you as a part of my “team”.

  8. We DID write about the same thing! I love it! I heard Shaquille Oneal give an interview the other day that he was always the last kid picked. Imagine that…Shaq. That made me feel tons better. Much love friend!

  9. I’d want you on my team, too!
    (and now I’m wondering if scooter hockey is what we call floor hockey? regardless…)
    We are precious in His sight. and I’m so thankful my “performance” can’t alter that!
    boy, He sure does know how to lighten our load…

    • Yep…I think it’s floor hockey. It’s amazing the terms that can escape your mind when you’ve only got five minutes! 😉 Thank you for your sweet encouragement, friend…blessings and happy Friday! :)

  10. I was home schooled and there were no gym classes, and that’s still the first thing I thought of! I guess if you were picked first or in the middle you don’t even remember it… belonging is such a deep need of the heart, it’s good to remember there’s a place we will always belong and be wanted. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your sweet thoughts, Stephanie…agreed. It really is the times we are last that stick out, huh? I’m so thankful I have a place with Him…even if I don’t always with others. :) Thanks so much for stopping by…wishing you a wonderful weekend! :)

  11. It was kickball for me, but the same thing. Isn’t it so great that we can finally grow out of that sinking feeling. And yet it still follows sometime. But God’s right there to breathe it into our ear that He has chosen us and we do belong. We do. Thank you Mel! Blessings to you.

    • Blessings to you, friend…and yes. I’m so thankful for the reminder that we always belong. :) I hope you had a great weekend!

  12. Scooter hockey! I can’t count how many times I rolled over my shoe. From one last pick to another, you are SO VERY precious in his site. Thank you for sharing on FMF!

  13. First off, SCOOTER HOCKEY??? What?
    Secondly, I thought I was the only one afraid of being picked last. I sometimes struggle with this link up, because, well, I’m nearly always last. Or nearly last. =)
    Love your heart, friend!

    • I think it was called floor hockey. Everyone sat on a little square scooter and had to use a stick to push a puck (or ball) into a goal…while sliding ALL over the place. (Sometimes we just kicked the ball and didn’t use a stick…honestly, the details are a little fuzzy. I’m so going to google it. ;)) Hope you had a great weekend, friend!

  14. I hate how many kids struggle with these memories! It makes me so sad. But I guess if it helps us realize that God never leaves us for last, it’s worth it. He is so good! Have a blessed and magnificent week!

    • It is worth it…agreed, even though the memories definitely aren’t warm and fuzzy. Hope you had a great weekend, friend! Blessings! :)

  15. God never leaves us last. Amen! #FMF

  16. Precious in his sight- yes indeed!!! Pretty sure everyone can relate to this story! For me, it wasn’t in sports, but it was true in social situations because I was different. It is never easy to be picked last. And yet- it is such a great lesson to learn, ya know? And I would pick you for my team too. :)

    • Aw thanks! Pretty sure we could make up a pretty sweet team of all of us picked-last girls! :) Blessings to you…have a great week!

  17. Dear Mel
    It is amazing how a little thing like this can hurt as a child! I think all of us have such memories .
    Blessings XX

  18. Thanks for sharing this story. I really like your writing style. :)
    I was generally one of the last picked as well. Interesting how God can take something like that and – eventually – use it for our good. Knowing that feeling has shaped me. Given me compassion for others and a desire to include them. But oh – at the time – it hurts, eh? The enemy wants to use things like that to whisper lies about our identity – unworthy, not wanted, not desirable… and I’m just thankful for God’s truth over my life that speaks value and worth and purpose over me.

    Okay. End of ramble. Your story really got me thinking. :)

    • I love your words…thank you for sharing. Thinking about it, I’m pretty sure those feelings of not belonging or being accepted were a big part of shaping me into who I have become. He has definitely used those picked-last moments for good…but oh, yes. At the time, such stinging and pain. (And rambles are totally welcome here…so glad you stopped by!) Blessings! :)

  19. Oh that was me, too!!! And those feelings surface at too often!!

    • It’s interesting how it’s still painful to think back, but the smiles that come from what He’s done through the pain are worth so much more. Thanks for stopping by, Jennifer! :)

  20. I think this post would be so very different if not concluded with the frame of being chosen by the Creator of the universe. I love the simple words that provide so much perspective and truth; they are a balm to the little girl that still ives in many of us that was picked last or sat alone at lunch or struggled to know who she was…

    “And maybe that’s why I’m so glad that even if I’m one of those who is picked last sometimes (and maybe we all are) that I’m still precious in His sight.
    I belong.
    We all do.”

    I am working to help my daughters know who they are in Christ, something that took me a long time to know, really know. His love, his choosing of us, really makes all the difference.

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Judith! I think there’s such a responsibility, especially with raising girls, in reminding them Who they belong to. I pray that for my daughter…that, despite disappointments, hurt feelings, and times when she doesn’t feel like she belongs, she will always know love and acceptance from her Father. Blessings to you…have a great week! :)

  21. Love to you sweet friend :) I would pick you!

  22. Definitely a post I think we can all relate to, at least I know I can. So glad I am chosen by God to be His! Visiting from FMF. Have a great weekend!

  23. I was often picked last too, Mel. And those thoughts still creep up from behind and knock my breath away sometimes. Thanks for the reminder that God never thinks I’m less or worthless, but rather always cherishes me for who He made me to be. Much love to you, friend!

  24. Maybe by being picked last – we better understand the grace of Christ picking us for life, that we don’t deserve it but that He values/loves us enough to. I was always the tall girl – but it never helped me get picked any earlier! It is a life-long battle, isn’t it – to see ourselves how He sees us:)

    • So true…it IS a daily thing for me to choose to see myself the way He does. I love this reminder…thank you for sharing, friend! Blessings on your week! :)

  25. Oh I hate when they make you pick, everyone always picks there friends or popular kids to make friends with the popular kids. I was never popular nor very athletic being short and skinny. Glad those days are behind us. :)

    • Me, too…though I have to admit that my stomach already turns a little when I think about my daughter going into p.e. classes like this. (She’s three.) Another reason I should continually remind and teach her Who is is that she belongs to. :) Hope you have a great week, Heather…blessings!

  26. Beautifully written. I pray that when this happens to my girls , because it will. They will KNOW, unlike I did, that God is who matters and they are precious to him. no matter how much it hurts that they will have that peace that surpasses understanding

    • I think that’s a good reminder…it’s going to happen to every kid at some point, even if it’s not in a p.e. class. But like you said, if our kiddos KNOW they are precious to Him, maybe it won’t hurt quite so much. Thank you, Katherine! Have a great week! :)

  27. You put into words how I felt in just about every gym class where other students were doing the picking. The one or two friends that I actually had during my school days were NEVER in the same gym class, or any class, as me. This type of feeling followed me to most of my other classes where the teacher let us pick our own partners or groups for assignments and homework. What a terrible feeling for a child and I hope I can teach my son that being popular isn’t the most important thing in school. Because now I’m the Director of a Project Management department responsible for a portfolio in excess of half a million dollars with 7 people reporting to me. Not many of the popular kids who I went to school with can say the same thing now.

    • Good for you, friend…that’s awesome! :) I was an elementary teacher for six years, and that was something I was SO aware of…and as much as possible, I made sure no one was excluded. There were times it happened because I couldn’t have control over everything, but I mixed things up as much as possible. It always made me smile when I’d see two students who would have normally never chosen to work together end up as friends…and it happened often. Such a good reminder to me that everyone has value. :) Hope you have a great week! Blessings!

  28. I’ve never played scooter hockey, but I would love to be on your team. I still have moments where I am picked last, and feel like I don’t belong. I am so thankful that even so, I am precious in His sight. Have a beautiful week my friend!

  29. Ugh- I hated playing team sports in middle school. I was always picked last. 6th & 7th grade were a few of the hardest years of my life. Almost 20 years later and I still have visible scars. I’m so thankful for God’s assurance that He loves me and that I am valuable to Him. {Visiting from Vanessa @ Hearts on Guard}

    • Thanks for visiting, Vanessa! It’s such a good thing to be reminded of…that no matter what, we are loved and valued in His eyes. :) Blessings and happy Tuesday!

  30. Oh glad I am to have stopped by and taken a second to read this post!! I was never picked last as a kid (though I was never picked first, either), but I feel it happening more and more (or maybe, yes, I sometimes just imagine that it’s happening) as an adult. It is so vital to remember that, though humans may not choose us, may not want us, He has chosen us and has redeemed us, and whether or not we belong here on earth, we DO belong with Him, a.l.w.a.y.s. <3
    Love to you today sweet lady!!

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