Five-Minute Friday: In Between

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Today’s topic: In Between

It’s true what they say…the days are long but the years are short, and we’ve “only” got three years behind us.

I can’t believe how fast it went…how that precious, tiny little girl grew up into such a little lady…one who even steals my headband for certain birthday celebrations. 😉

We celebrated her last week, and it was the strangest mix of joy and disbelief…but really?

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I. Am. So. Blessed.

Not only am I the one who gets to spend my days with this awesome girlie, but I get all the in between moments…and sometimes those are the best of all.

In between swimming and trying out her new scooter, I get that quick snuggle and I love you, Mommy.

In between a fun morning at the park and the ride home, I get to hold her hand while we walk to the van.

My sweet Mae, let’s hang on to those in between moments and soak them up for all they are.

I hold every one of them in my heart.


Five Minute Friday



  1. Awww…I SO miss my “little” children!! Now I’ve got 6 grands, but they aren’t the same (and they don’t live near me!) but they are sometimes reminders of how sweet my own 3 were.
    Thanks for reminding me about those “in between” moments…they ARE to be TREASURED!!

  2. So, so dear. And isn’t that the gift, all the in betweens that we could miss should we blink? Or, you know, close the bathroom door? =)

    ps – that princess cake is adorable! Did you make that, mama?!

    • Haha…yep, closing the bathroom door? What’s that?! 😉

      Nope…the kind lady in the Super Target bakery made it for me because this mama put off the cake until the last minute. I was thankful they had a princess one…Mae was thrilled!

      Blessings and happy weekend, friend!

  3. Thank you for reminding me how blessed I am to be a parent. Your words smoothed over the unchanged diapers and toddler messes into the heart of joy.

    • :) Oh, praying there will be so much joy in those in between moments for you, friend! Blessings and have a great weekend!

  4. Mel, friend, thank you for the reminder that even though I don’t get to stay home with the kids anymore, I still have these small, wonderful, blessed in between moments. 3 is a great age – it’s rough, but it is when you will really start to see some amazing changes. The other night my son was having a bad dream. He had turned on his light, because he didn’t want the t-rex to eat him. And as I hugged him and assured him it was just a bad dream, he looked at me with his eyes still closed and said “I love you, mom” – I don’t get those moments as often now that I’m working, so I will forever hold onto the ones I do get, even at 2am. Love you! Email me when you can :)

    • I’ve decided that “I love you, mama” are The. Best. Words. Ever. She still melts my heart every time she says them. Sometimes there are ugly in betweens, too…I guess those moments didn’t cross my mind in the five minutes I wrote, but I’m still glad I’m the one who gets to experience them. (Well, most of the time. ;)) Love to you, friend!

  5. My kids are grown and I can tell you I miss those in between moments you write of. Our moments are much different now, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. But there’s nothing like a little sweet in between moment.

    • :) I’m really trying to enjoy the little things…there really is so much joy found in them. Blessings, friend…happy weekend! :)

  6. I could so relate! My little girlie will be 3 this August, and I have no idea how she’s grown up so fast! These in between moments with her are what makes me so glad I finally get to stay home with her, so I don’t miss out on all those “mommy, I love you’s” or “how does that do that’s” and all the hugs and snuggles and holding of hands!

    • Awwww, our little girls are the same age! How fun. :) So agreed…the very best parts of my days with her are the little things. Enjoy that precious girl! Blessings, friend! :)

  7. Oh, those in between moments are the sweetest. The ones that are not planned, but just held, just snuggled, just felt. What a beautiful memory of a blessing getting bigger….and what a fun cake! :)

    • Thank you, friend! :) I wish I could take credit for the cake, but Target came through for me…I need to start planning ahead better. 😉 Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Ahhh yes!!! Don’t blink – it does go by fast… but when you pour into the heart to heart connection – you will always have the In Between moments! (I still do… they never – WE never – outgrow the need for them!)

    • That is so encouraging, friend…sometimes I feel like the snuggling, hand-holding days are slipping by too quickly. Your words are such a blessing. :) Happy Friday!

  9. I love those in-between moments! I have one in particular who revels in them and I’m trying to soak it all up because my babies aren’t really babies anymore. :)

    • They grow so fast…and I’m saying that about a toddler. Kinda scared to blink. 😉 But those in between moments are the best…treasure them. :) Blessings, friend!

  10. Oh how I miss the days when my children were little. Today, I hang onto the memories of the in-between moments growing up. Blessings!

  11. Long may it continue. Bless.

  12. She is so beautiful :) Oh the in betweens from birth and then turning around and they are growing into the girls God has made them to be! So fast….

    • Thank you, Kimberly! It’s amazing how all of those in between moments make the time pass too quickly, but I love who she’s becoming. So blessed. :) Happy weekend to you, friend!

  13. sweet, sweet girl … her … AND you, my Friday friend!

  14. Dear Mel
    It is those in between moments with your children, the good ones and the bad ones, the happy and the sad ones that will stay with you much longer than the big events. A bit like our Lord’s still, quiet voice, I think!

  15. you are a lovely mama and I love the way you stay true to your mama voice. as always, beautiful.

  16. So true, Mel. The in betweens with our little ones are so precious. It must be a theme this week as many of us wrote about the little ones in our lives!

    • I’ve noticed that as I’ve been reading through posts yesterday and today, too…I guess we’re all loving those little moments! Blessings, friend. :)

  17. The years DO go by so quickly…cherish them all, Mel…cherish them. What a lovely post!!

  18. Yay! What a wonderful milestone. But seriously, the second row? You? On the second row? I think I like it beter when we don’t know ahead of time and I find you in the pole position. My world gets all discombobulated when you are somewhere else. Ok, just kidding. Great job today – Happy B-day to your little lovely.

    • Haha…yep, the second row. :) I actually wrote and published it right away when she threw out the prompt, but I guess too many people were trying to link up at the same time. It’s all good…I just like hangin’ out with all of you. 😉

      And your world might get a little more discombobulated…I changed my picture. 😉 Thanks for stopping by, sweet friend…happy weekend to you!

  19. I miss when those inbetween moments were filled with snuggles and i-love-yous- your little one – she is precious – hairbow and all:) It’s in those inbetween moments where the sweetest stuff happens! Sweet post – thank you for sharing:)

  20. So often we think the things that make an impression on our kids is the big ones. The Disney trips, Christmas and various vacations are not the things my two remember and talk about. No, they remember the in betweens. So just as you are tucking the snuggles and I love you’s away so is she. Enjoy it all. Have a great couple of days in between Friday and Monday.

    • Thank you for sharing that…sometimes it’s hard to remember that it doesn’t always have to be big and exciting to be fun and memorable. I hope she’ll talk about our little, in between moments one day. :) Blessings, sweet friend…have a beautiful weekend!

  21. I love this! I wrote about how our whole lives are really in-between times. What is that saying – something like – Life is what happens while you are making other plans. I think that is so true. Enjoy your in-betweens with your precious girlie!

    • I love that quote…it’s so true. That concept really challenges me to live each day, even if we’re waiting on something big. :) Happy weekend, sweet friend!

  22. The in between holds the sweetest moments..the chubby fingers , sloppy kisses and sleepy eyes. In between I still get kisses from my 12 year old. So grateful for that. This was a great post Mel. I so enjoyed thinking about my in between. Have a great weekend.

  23. I love this! So many times we gloss over the in between moments because they’re not part of the schedule or the plan, but so much amazing happens there. Great reminder for us parents!

  24. Precious Mel!

  25. My boys are grown…one still at home. The days do o by so quickly but I’m grateful for all the moments had, the moments to come and everything in between. Beautiful post for this FMF.

  26. So true! Those precious moments are what makes all the crazy moments easier to take in. The little glance they give you. The unprompted hug as the scurry by. It only takes a breath of a moment, but oh how they are so dear to our Mama hearts, aren’t they!? Thank you so much for sharing. And you are so wise to enjoy this little one as she is still little. My oldest is almost nine. Not yet a young man, but so not a boy. Sigh. It seems like he was just three, as well. Love, love.

  27. Hi Mel! I’m stopping by from FMF (I see you each Friday at the top of the roll, and since I’m a 2 pm writer–or this week, a Saturday writer–I sigh and think, I want to be like those ladies and be awake to read the prompt at midnight!). I love the picture of your daughter, headband and princess cake, as well as the pictures you sketched with your words. I was just thinking this morning what a GIFT this time is. My dear friend has to start working full-time this summer and it is a reminder to be grateful for the time I have at home with my boys (5 years and 20 months), even when the in-between times are tiring or unkind or whiny (me or them). Glad I stopped by!

    • Thank you for stopping by, Elizabeth! The late night thing started because I jumped into the Twitter party on Thursday night one week and stuck around for the prompt. You should join us sometime…it’s late, but it’s fun. :) Blessings to you…have a great week!

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