Five-Minute Friday: Imagine

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Today’s Topic: Imagine

Some days I wish I had the imagination she does.

Today, in a lucky moment, I snagged an almost-brand-new, Rapunzel, dress-up costume for her at a rummage sale for $1. (Told you it was a lucky moment.)

And when I brought it home and gave it to her, Oh. My. Goodness.

Her eyes lit up, she couldn’t WAIT to put it on, and

She. Became. Rapunzel.

She spun around, she danced, she talked to herself…she even sang songs with me from Tangled. Not that we spend our days singing “When Will My Life Begin?” or “At Last I See the Light”…

Did I just confess something here? 😉

And probably my favorite moment was when she took my hand, asked me to dance, and we spent a few minutes spinning circles, one of us getting extremely dizzy, and laughing together.

And then she informed me I that I was Flynn Rider. Ok, then…

But my point? And the heart of our moment? Was her imagination.

It etched yet another memory into this momma heart that will be there forever.

She saw the world through magical eyes today, all because of a simple find at a rummage sale.

She became Rapunzel.

And I got to go along for the ride.


Five Minute Friday



  1. What a fantastic memory you created with your little dear one. For a measly dollar, no less. Treasure each and all these moments. My children are all bigger now, and every once in a while moments like this one still occur.

    So glad I was here again for Five Minute Friday!

  2. I love it. I love their imagination. It’s absolutely refreshing, isn’t it? Great post lady!

  3. I love seeing all the fun things my son comes up with, too. Their imaginations are truly amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this, friend!

    • Hey, friend…so true. I love watching the things she comes up with and how exciting she thinks everything is. It inspires me to live up the little moments a little more. :) Have a great weekend!

  4. Your Princess and Marcy’s Knight….such great imagining going on!! Ahh to have little’s in the house again

  5. Kids…so full of life, so life giving! What a delight to get a peek inside your life today. Bless you sweet Mel!!

  6. I love the imagination of children! I love when I get to go along on their journey! So precious!

    • As I wrote this, I just smiled the whole way through because she wanted ME to go along on that journey with her. So fun! Have a great weekend, Barbie! :)

  7. How fantastic! I most sincerely hope that she gets to hold onto that wonderful imagination forever.

  8. She is adorable!!

  9. Dear Mel
    Count your blessings, dear friend! She could have insisted that you dress up as Flynn Ryder! Yes, these moments are precious and they will treasure them forever.
    Happy FMF.

  10. Oh the sweetness! I adore this so much – what a beautiful memory :)

  11. He does tend to take the simple things, the ones that don’t cost anything, or that have been tossed aside and uses them to transform :) She saw the beauty and the treasure of what someone else saw as ready to be discarded. Reminds me of how the world sometimes sees us, but God see the hidden beauty, the treasure, just waiting to be placed in the right hands. She is precious. So are you dear momma 😉

    • I love that perspective, Kimberly. Thank you! I could write many posts on the way she sees the world…maybe I will. :) Blessings and happy weekend to you, friend!

  12. We can learn so much from children and their imagination! What would life be like if we let go and IMAGINED? Great post Mel, thank you for sharing!!

  13. Those moments are the very best ever! She is a beauty. Tangled is my daughters favorite move right now as well:).

    • You are so sweet…thank you. :) What I love about Tangled is that I can actually sit through it multiple times and not pull my hair out. (No pun intended.) 😉 It really is a fun movie! Have a great weekend, friend!

  14. Why do we have to lose that imagination as we grow up? or Do we have to? I, too wish I still imagined as I once did. Keep play in her fairy tale dream with her. Have a great weekend!!!

    • There are moments when I do take the time to just dance or spin circles with her…but not often enough. And I need to soak up those precious, princess moments with her…because they’ll be over too soon. Blessings, friend…and happy weekend to you!

  15. Be still my heart. Oh how I miss those precious moments. Beautiful!

  16. What a perfect moment. I love it. I’m so glad you had this time together, because before you know it she’ll think princesses are dumb and want to be in her room, alone, on her iPod. She’ll exchage purple sparkly dresses for skinny jeans and TOMS. Treasure these times.

    • Definitely…and there are moments (like yesterday) when I get frustrated that she wants to play outside in her princess clothes. And then I remember to take these moments and hold them close because, yes, they’ll be gone too soon. Thank you, friend…blessings! :)

  17. “exchange”

  18. Our kids take us on the best life rides, don’t they? Thanks for sharing this one. :)

  19. She is beautiful. This is beautiful.
    It makes me miss the dress-up days of my Emmy-girl.
    Great I already cried once today. 😉

  20. Imagination through their eyes is such a beautiful thing. Thanks for stopping by my blog and cheering my bench girls and me on in our dreams! Happy day to you!

  21. Hi Mel, visiting from Five Minute Friday. I smiled at your confession..we aren’t supposed to know the names and lyrics to all the songs – are we? (wink). What a rummage sale find. In NYC a Rapunzel dress at Target or ToysRUs would cost you 30 big ones. Love great deals like that and I can imagine her delight. Great post and thanks for sharing one of your mama moments.

    • Potentially what’s the most embarrassing is that I spent over a week perfecting every note to “When Will My Life Begin?” I’m a singer, but it has some super tricky note jumps, and I was determined to get it right. 😉 (I may or may not need serious help…wink.)

      Thanks for stopping by, friend! Hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

  22. Dear Mel,
    I love how you imagined your girl in that dress when you found it, and then she imagined herself as Rapunzel…what a beautiful post of the two of you :) Happy Friday :)

  23. That was beautiful! I had two sons so I got to play Ninja Turtles, not princesses … but the premise is the same. :) I have little granddaughters now and am looking forward to a whole new set of experiences with them. Thanks for a fun post and a glimpse into little Rapunzel’s heart!

    • Oh, you’re going to have so much fun with your granddaughters…the princesses, the tea parties, the overabundance of pink…enjoy them so much! :) Blessings and happy weekend to you!

  24. We LOVE that movie! I have a six-year-old girl who loves to dress up and received a beautiful princess dress up dress a couple of years ago. I just about cried when she grew out of it. I’ve packed it away to save for my granddaughters… someday.
    Well done, Mama, for joining in the fun!

    • Thank you, Jamie! I have a feeling this is one of those dress up outfits that she’ll squeeeeeeze into until the seams burst. Until then, we’ll just enjoy every spin and every dance. :) Blessings, friend!

  25. So SO sweet Mel! Have a beautiful weekend…I just love the community you have here :) xoxo

  26. So cute!! What a great find to make such beautiful memories.

  27. Love that you got to go along for the ride! Glad to have found your blog through five minute Friday .

  28. Wow, this is a popular post!! But I can totally see why!! I loved reading this! It took me back to those sweet days when my girls lived in another princess world — for us it was sleeping beauty – and even as I type this, I’m singing, “I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream!” — Such sweet precious years! Glad you paused to capture it!! I still see my girls imagination, but in different ways now! Thanks for sharing, and for even making me a bit teary eyed! :)

    • :) It was definitely one of those days I wanted to bottle up…that’s why I’m so glad that, for once, she stopped to let me take a picture. She loves Sleeping Beauty, too, though I don’t know those songs as well…guess I’d better learn them! Blessings on your week, friend. :)

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