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Today’s Topic: Home

To be h ones

t, I wasn’t planning on writing Five Minute Friday today. And then I saw the topic.

Well, God, You know what You’re doing far more than I do.

Home is a word that brings pain right now.

Growing up in instability created a longing for it.

Being married and living in transition for years gave me an even deeper desire to be there.

We have really tried to make home wherever we are…because it’s true that this world is NOT my home. But sometimes it’s just nice to be settled, ya know

? To hang those pictures up and paint the walls and fence in the yard and put in that pool…the one I’ve been begging for.

:) (But only a little…haha!)

And last July God gave us a gift that seemed too good to be true. A house we love in a neighborhood we love even more.

We are surrounded by people who love us…and we love them, too!

We desire more than (almost) anything to stay and raise our family here, close to friends who have become family.

The one hang-up

? We’re renting this place and the attempt to purchase it has sent us through the wringer more times than we can count.

Things are still sitting at the bank…and we are (still) waiting.

Waiting…for what, we’re not sure. For the bank to say, Yeah, we’ll accept your offer! That’s best case scenario.

Worst case? Get out. In six weeks. I don’t think about that one.

And there are a million other scenarios possible, ones that I try to not dwell on.

Home is a painful word when you’re waiting for one.

So if you read this, will you pray?

Pray that this will be it…that God will give us home.

Thanks. :)



  1. I will pray for you to get your home. God does have all in His hands and under His perfect plan. You have been more than patient, and your faithfulness will be rewarded…it’s just a matter of when!

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