Five-Minute Friday: Here

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Today’s Topic: Here

I’m sitting here on the couch. Deep, I know. 😉

It’s that moment of the day that I’ve been looking forward to…a time when I can just hash it all out without (well, almost always without) using the delete key or proofreading or questioning.

Just a time to process five minutes of here and what’s going on in life now.

Honestly, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the past few months and the ways that time has felt so up and down, so full of circle-spinning.

So many questions…and, just, wondering.

And the thing He continues to remind me of is the present…of the fact that the blessings, the joys, the sorrows, the ups and downs, the millions of things that make up the past…they all add up to this. The here.

And, I love it.

Despite the fact that in the last month I’ve wept over past loss.

Or the fact that I struggled through days of parenting and prayed with everything in me that I wasn’t screwing it all up.

Or even that, in the pursuit of a dream, there are days when it feels so close, and other days when I feel like I’ve been body slammed fifty miles backwards.

And He reminds me…Here.



Just as it is, just as it comes.

Take what you’ve learned…and live it, along with the blessings all around.

That is here.

And I am blessed.

Five Minute Friday



  1. Love, love, love that I’m your neighbour today… and I love your words… because it’s exactly what God has been teaching me too… be here – present – in this moment. You bless friend.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. “body slammed fifty miles backwards.” Oh yeah, I’ve had those days!
    Learning that it takes grace and faith to live ‘here’ now, believing that the ‘there’ will be taken care of. When I do this right, I am filled with inexplicable joy. Enjoy the blessings. Breathe them in slowly. Delight yourself in His goodness!

    • I love that you reminded me of the joy that comes from choosing to enjoy what He gives now. Such a blessing. :) Have a wonderful weekend, Darlene!

  4. Thanks for the beautiful encouragement. I am sorry for your pass losses. I hope that you have a beautiful weekend :) stopping by from Five minute Friday! Blessings!


  5. Ahhhh, yes. I understand the painful losses. But He can use those for here and grow you for here. :)

  6. Yes. Could we sum it up more? “That is here. And I am blessed.” Isn’t that the truth…Beautiful, Mel!

  7. Oh I like this so much. God has had me in the right-here place soaking up His love and blessings. I used to think that I had to live a step ahead to keep it all going. Nope. Right here. Like you brilliantly stated – “Just as it is. Just as it comes.”
    Thank you for sharing and for stopping by my blog. :)

    • Oh mine is I forget to add that identifier sometimes. 😉

      • :) I always say I like surprises. (I usually do!) And that’s living in the moment…being able to truly soak up each blessing as an unexpected gift. Thank you, Heather! Blessings to you! :)

  8. To be present, fully living in the here and now, that is where I want to be. Beautiful post.

  9. I love that you are embracing your Here! While in vacation, a pastor gave a message and in it he said, Don’t just let Life happen to you… but you happen to Life! I loved that… your post reminded me of it – of leaning in and embracing it all – knowing He is at work in the Here… bringing us There!

    • “You happen to Life.” LOVE that…thank you for sharing! (P.S. I think that belongs on a wall somewhere in my house!) Blessings, sweet friend…have a wonderful weekend! :)

  10. Oh yeah sister! That’s keepin’ it real. Awesome job. Thank you for sharing this little snippet of your life with us. I could really relate to this one.

  11. Awesome words.

  12. It all adds up to “here”. Good words:) What I do today will become my tomorrow…

  13. Tanya Marlow says:

    Here. now. live

    – I so need to hear these words today! Thank you. (From FMF)

  14. yes … being content in the here, the now, Mel …

  15. Here/Now is where we need to be for the next step on our journey–I get that in my mind–but my feet want to plant me firmly and not move. oh, and the parenting thing–we all worry. In fact I would say that I think about it almost every hour of the day!

    Be Blessed.

    • Thank you, Renee…sometimes it’s just nice to hear some confirmation that I’m definitely not alone in this! Blessings to you, too…have a beautiful weekend. :)

  16. ‘Or the fact that I struggled through days of parenting and prayed with everything in me that I wasn’t screwing it all up..’ Oh yes, this! Love your thoughts here

  17. Love this Mel – you are gifted with sharing and encouraging….have a wonderful day!!

  18. It seems it is so hard for us women(mommas) to learn to just be HERE. I feel like my mind is also trying to run on up ahead or at times it is lagging behind by about 3 days. I love your words of encouragement to just be here

    • I need to remind myself every single day to just live in the moment. Deep breath…and choosing it. You are always such an encouragement, friend…wishing you a blessed weekend! :)

  19. Just wanted to say i liked this too. A lot!

  20. Wow. I think anyone who has a dream, especially one God breathed can relate to your post. And I can definitely identify with past loss. Your post is lovely!

  21. Here is good. Time to process is also good. I sat with a good old friend today as he processed his life. It was not what we intended to meet about (we have joint project going), but it was what we needed to do in that moment. It was good to be there with him, nit really saying a lot as he processed. That is what these FMF and God-sized dreams do for me, and I hope that one day my blog will do the same for others.

    Blessing for a happy weekend!

    Also, someone once told me that the fact that you worry about being a good mom means that you are one. You are a great mom.

    • Oh, thank you, friend, for your sweet words. :) I’m glad you and your friend had that chance to process, too…definitely something we all need and is often necessary to just keep going. Happy weekend…I hope you get some sunshine and beautiful weather! We sure won’t…it’s STILL in the 40’s. (Starting to wonder if spring will ever get here!) Blessings. :)

  22. I’m learning to be here, where I’m at, present and available. It’s kind of tough because I’m a natural dreamer and planner. But God’s teaching me…

    I’m pretty much loving FMF!

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