Five-Minute Friday: Fall

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Today’s Topic: Fall

So I should take this Five-Minute Friday prompt and write about the absolute, utter, TOTAL klutz that I am.


I embrace the title pretty much every day as I fall over nothing. 😉

But when I first saw the prompt, I went back to a memory…one I hold in my heart and will forever.

In October of 2010, we experienced our first fall season since 2004. (Yeah, leaves don’t get all crunchy and fall off trees in the tropics. That’s really quite the bummer.)

There was one afternoon in early October when my husband came home from work, and we took our then-four-month-old baby girl outside with us and played in the leaves.

We raked.

We did a lot of jumping.

We took a ton of pictures.

And? I totally even took a huge, crashing dive into the largest pile.

It was one of my favorite days ever and holds a special place in my heart each time I think of it.

Sometimes we take the littlest things for granted…like a change in seasons.

And while we still enjoy fall, I know that season in 2010 will be our favorite for a long, long time.

MelMaeleavesOne of my favorite pictures of me with my girl that day.

Five Minute Friday



  1. mama never looked so happy! love this pic!

  2. Beautiful memory :) Love those that just stick with you forever!!! I missed Fall when we were in Alabama, too. Just not quite the same. Here we should get a lovely change in the leaves… of course, we’ll get snow dumped on them before we can enjoy any leaf piles. Lots of love to you this Friday!!!

    • There’s just something about fall and crunchy leaves…definitely a time of year that I enjoy. :) Love to you, friend…hope your weekend is awesome!

  3. Adorble!!

  4. I wrote about the fall season too!! Oh, how I love those piles of leaves… Thanks for sharing one of your best memories and that darling picture.

    • Aren’t they the best?! If there’s anything that will bring out the kid in me, it’s a huge pile of leaves! 😉 Have a great weekend, Anna!

  5. Seriously the cutest picture. Love that, Mel! Makes me wish for some leaves and apple cider.

  6. Makes me want to go jump into a pile of leaves! Love this!

  7. What a sweet picture, Mel, of you with your little one :) Happy almost Friday :)

  8. Your picture is so sweet! What a lovely memory! This post brought a smile to my face. Thank you:).

  9. Ah. What a happy photo. Funny how some seasons/times stand out in stark relief amongst the others. It’s awesome, that. I love having a happy time pop into my head. Makes me smile.

    • Thank you, friend…I smile each time I see this picture…it’s definitely one of those memories that stands out. Blessings! :)

  10. What a fun memory!!

  11. Awwww, we have a similar picture. I always try to imagine what that felt like to our little ones. . .and what they thought about the crunchy things surrounding them. Beautiful picture, Mel.

    • I’ve wondered that since, too…almost what we were thinking, plopping a four-month-old down into the leaves? But she didn’t complain, and the pictures turned out way cute! :) Thank you, friend…have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Ya’ll are so beautiful!! Yes, sometimes it is hard to notice the small hints at the changing of seasons. I know I think I percieve something new…but then I think, no…it can’t be, but soon enough, He reveals it.

  13. I love the picture. Those smiles are so sweet. Fall is my favorite time of the year even though it may only be a few days here in AL. Those everyday memories mean so much more than the big holidays and such because they are unplanned. Have a great weekend !!

    • I would agree…even though I’ve only been a mama a few years, the memories that have etched deepest don’t come on the biggest just days…just in the ordinary yet wonderful ones. :) Enjoy your weekend, too, friend! (((hugs)))

  14. This is beautiful! I remember the first Fall my kids experienced with real leave falling in bright colors they called it a celebration. They would throw the leaves up in the air and laugh so hard. It was a beautiful moment engraved on my heart forever.

    • I love that…last fall, Mae really got into throwing leaves. We have a great picture of her trying to dump a handful of them into my mug of coffee…I’ll have to find it and post it! Blessings, friend! :)

  15. Ummm yep. Kind of loved this. Thanks for sharing such a sweet memory friend.

  16. I love pictures like that. We get to have a fall, but in CA the leaves stay green, green, green and then turn an ugly yellow, brown and every leaf falls off the tree at once. LOL, it’s not quite so crunchy and nice.

    • It’s funny that I didn’t realize how much I loved fall until we didn’t have it. I hope you get to jump in a pile of leaves at least once this fall. :) Happy weekend to you!

  17. What a beautiful post, friend. You and Mae look so cute! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! Some of our best memories have been created by jumping in the autumn leaves together :) Now that we live in AZ, the Fall season and those crisp Autumn leaves are what I miss the most!

    • Thank you, Lisa! Maybe you should make a little trip to Chicago in the fall…I promise there will be a pile of leaves just for you to jump in! 😉 Hope you are doing well…blessings! (P.S. I LOVED your post today…I smiled the whole way through it!)

  18. beautiful Mel! Nice to meet you!

    visiting from FMF!

    Love, Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  19. Lovely post! Mel, you have such a beautiful blog!!

  20. Dear Mel
    All those glorious rich burnished and golden colors of autumn always capture my heart. To me it such a fragile beauty as if it knows it is preparing nature for the cold winter! What a pretty picture of the two of you! Priceless.

  21. What a delight to read! How wonderful to have such a precious memory. Love your picture. Thank you for the reminder to not take these little things, like seasons, for granted. Blessings to you. Beth

  22. awwwww… love this. :) I just emailed you. So glad you emailed me. It made me smile biggies!

  23. What a beautiful post! I never thought about the tropics not having fall, I just dream of going there for some heat and sunshine! Here in Wa it seems we’re either in fall or spring and have very little summer or winter. 😉 Love the picture of you and your little princess in the leaves! :)

    • Thank you! :) I have to admit that the warm weather was nice, but there is a downside, too. It’s HOT. And several months out of the year, WET. Still beautiful and wonderful, though. :)

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