Five-Minute Friday: Brave

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Today’s Topic: Brave

There’s this part of me that thinks I’m brave.

For one thing, I’ve done a few crazy things in my life…

Swimming in the Amazon with the pirañas.

Moving to another hemisphere.

Learning to surf in most-likely-infested-by-sharks waters.

Vine swinging in the jungle.


Yep, that’s totally me. 😉 

I used to thrive on those moments that made me feel spectacular, the ones that were exhilarating, the ones that literally took my breath away.

But bravery? Comes in more forms than adventures that may teeter on the side of foolish.

When I think of bravery…I think of those people who inspire me.

Those sisters who write with abandon and passion and choose to stand on Truth even when lies are screaming all around.

Those dear dreamers who take their stories and lives…the broken but redeemed, cracked but shining,…all completely beautiful, and use them to bring Him glory as they chase with abandon what He’s called them to do.

Those sweet friends who walk in His grace and shine Him each day, no matter what happens.

Those are the ones who are brave. 


And I’m so thankful for them. For each of you.

Five Minute Friday



  1. so thankful to be in this brave community with you – and those are some amazing adventures you’ve had!

  2. hmm I read your beginning list and thought ‘Holy cow! THAT is brave!’, but then I read on. I LOVE how you define this: “Comes in more forms than adventures that may teeter on the side of foolish.”

    Here is to being BRAVE, dear friend!

  3. Awe, beautiful post. And I’m maybe a little jealous of your adventures, my brave, brave friend! :)

  4. Whenever you write, Mel, I always feel like we’re just chatting over a cup of tea… and I love that! And oh, how I wish I was adventurous like you (piranas?!? no way!!! although I have scuba dived with sharks – just not dangerous ones ;)). But you are so write – bravery comes in so many other forms than just the standard… Have a great weekend, my FMF friend!

    • Oh, I wish we could chat over a cup of tea (in)RL…maybe someday soon! Wouldn’t that be fun?! Blessings, friend! :)

  5. Rock on sister! Rock on! You, oh brave one, are in great company and your gratefulness to them is beautiful. But remember, you are one of them!!!

  6. I am always so blessed and encouraged by your words. Thank you for sharing your fun adventures and your heart.

  7. Beautiful! And wow girl… a risk taker! That requires bravery for sure… but I love that you are showing us that it looks like more than that too!

    • You are sweet…I think it’s hard for all of us to see ourselves as brave, even if we are. :) Blessings to you, friend!

  8. so true – God breathed-bravery is really nothing at all like adventures that teeter on the side of foolishness.

    brave words!!!

  9. Dear Mel
    Now I feel so small! You and my son, it seems, are chips off the same block! That one does handstands on a cliff, about 1meter from its edge. I told him that if something happens to him when he does these foolisg things and dies, the first thing I am going to do in heaven after greeting our Lord, is to give him a VERY big hiding.

    • Well, friend…you should not feel small. Every time I visit your space, I am inspired by the way you love Him and passionately share that love with all of us. YOU are one of the brave ones! Love and blessings. :)

  10. Wow, Mel! You are brave! Great post:).

  11. mmm …. I still say that swimming with those piranas gives you the BRAVE trophey this Friday! thanks for your thoughts …

    • Well, thank you for the award 😉 but I think I was just young and twenty and foolish at the time. Not sure I’d do it now! Happy Friday, sweet friend. :)

  12. Awesome. Seriously you had me at swimming with Piranhas but then I loved you more with surfing with sharks. Cuz I really do love those creatures and am a wanna be surfer. But hey, in the end it’s grace between us, and you have it there!

    • Thankfully I never actually saw any piranhas or sharks. (Well, I did swim with a shark once on accident, but not when I was surfing! Maybe I’ll share that story someday…) 😉 And surfing? Crazy exhilarating and the best time ever…I hope you’ll get a chance to try it someday! Thank you for your kind words, friend…blessings!

  13. Your words are stirring a nerve within me this morning. Beautiful — true braveness.

  14. Such a wonderful post, bless you.

  15. Brave is staying up late so you can be the third post on FMF. Just joshing with you. Brave is writing a manuscript, and having the courage to show it to others–to edit it. The Latin root of the word courage is heart. Keep writing with it, friend.

  16. You are brave in both the big and wild ways, Mel, and in the writing, living, everyday ways too. I love the encouragement from you and the other dreamers in our group, all of us brave!

    • Thanks, Amy. :) I agree…our group of dreamers have been such the group of encouragers. So blessed! Enjoy your weekend, friend. :)

  17. I am so inspired by this community of women too. People write from raw and real places that show an undeniable God and the faces of redemption’s song. We have brave sisters…and you’re one of the brave. :)

  18. Beautiful as always :)

  19. Oh my, Mel, you had me laughing with this one. Not sure I would swim with those nasty biters! But when I started to write about Brave tonight, I knew that there were things I’d done that others would see as brave (traipsing off to Africa, writing a novel, etc.) and yet I don’t see myself as brave for those things. I just hope I’m truly brave in the important things. Time will tell. I agree with you, that I find those who inspire me to be brave. Thanks for another lovely FMF post!

    • Sometimes embracing life, the crazy and the not-so, is how we are brave, even if we have a hard time seeing it ourselves. I think you’re amazingly BRAVE! Blessings, friend. :)

  20. Oh yes…to live and speak the truth…that is brave.
    and girl. if I had half the gutso you do — there would be no stopping me! :)

  21. Mel,

    Sweet post! Loved hearing about some of your brave, action adventures. While I enjoy outdoor challenges as you do, nothing is braver to me than standing firm, writing down, living out God’s truth!

    Well done!

  22. Writing with “abandon and passion”. So you do!
    And so I try.

    God breath into you blessings dear Mel. :)


  23. Mel, it would take bravery on my part to move out-of-state, let alone out of the country! Sometimes bravery doesn’t come in the form of extreme acts, but in everyday life too. I find brave hearts in women who go get a mammogram, or needs to discipline (or potty train!) her children. Bravery in women who stand by their man, stick up for a friend, or try a new hobby. You are a dear, brave friend who is an example to many! God bless!

  24. Swimming with piranhas? Lady – you are far braver than I.

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