Five-Minute Friday: Beloved

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Today’s Topic: Beloved

Hello, urge to run away from the computer.

Gotta be honest that when I saw the topic for today, I almost didn’t write. (Like a hundred times almost.)

The word beloved is that kind of word…that kind of Truth that makes me feel so incredible, inexplicably blessed…and at the same time so overwhelmed and unworthy.

He calls me His beloved.

In that statement, my Father reiterates, again, His unconditional, unfailing, total love for me…Mel, this girl who can throw out a hundred flaws about herself.

It overwhelms me…how do I possibly return this kind of perfect love? The answer is simple.

I’m not capable of it.

But through Him, and only through Him, I can walk in obedience, praise Him with every breath, allow myself to be lavished in His grace and showered in His love…and try to show that love back to Him and pass it on to others.

It’s really about Grace…about that full acceptance of something so amazing, so wonderful, so completely perfect that we will never fully understand it.

But we don’t need to…we’re His beloved. And when we accept that, it’s all we’ll ever need.

Five Minute Friday



  1. That is really good and so very true, gave me goosebumps. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes! Grace. And we are His beloved! So fun to be next to you today at fmf. May your weekend be blessed :)

  3. Beautiful post! I can’t wait until we meet him face to face! The Bible says then we will know him as we are known. His love and grace will require an eternity of adoration.

  4. Hi Mel
    Oh, I love to see that I am nit the only one saying that I am NOT going to write on a Friday!! What I love about your post is your raw honesty! The kind that makes you vulnerable and aloows you to speak the truth!
    Much love

    • I know…I’m not sure what scared me so much about the word, but I almost didn’t write. (But I’m so glad I did. :)) Thank you for your sweet words, Mia! Blessings! :)

  5. Knowing that we can not repay His perfect love yet He continues to pour His love out on us is just more proof of who He is. That while we were(are) still sinners He chose to love us.

  6. So glad you wrote, Mel, and I love your phrase “Wonderfully overwhelming” that you used at my blog in your comment to describe His love for us…Happy Saturday to you :)

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