Five-Minute Friday: Beautiful

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Today’s topic: Beautiful

It’s one of my favorite words that she says…beautiful.

Except she doesn’t say it that way.

Flowers are beaufitul.

Mommy is beaufitul. (according to her, anyway!) 😉

The car is beaufitul. (I adore her.)

It’s one of the few words we won’t correct because it’s just so darn cute. :)

Really, the word, beautiful or beaufitul or however you want to say it…

Is the word I would use to describe this journey.

The journey of mommyhood and being a wife and finding community and dream-chasing.

Oh, it hasn’t been easy…and the days haven’t been perfect.

But when I look back at the end of each day, there is always,


Always a reason to smile.

Life is beautiful.

The blessings He gives are beautiful.

And I’m going to soak up each precious gift He chooses to give.

Especially when those gifts come in the form of a beautiful little girl who says the word in about the most adorable way possible.



Five Minute Friday



  1. I love this weeks theme, because it helps us slow down and see the beauty around us. BeauFITul post!

  2. Love it! What a sweet post about your little girl! When my oldest was little, she pronounced it “beaver-dirt” – it’s so fun listening to little ones learning to communicate and understand the world around them!

    • Beaver-dirt…that’s awesome. :) It is so fun to hear the way they interpret things…another favorite of ours (though it’s not AS cute…) is bak-setball. Aaahhhh…don’t they just melt our hearts into big, giant puddles?! Have a great weekend, friend! :)

  3. It all really is beautiful, isn’t it? I live how she says beaufitul. How do stand it? Adorbs!

  4. Oh, so agreed! Life is beaufitul! =) Do you read Glennon Melton’s blog, Momastery? She says that life is ‘brutiful’ – a combination of brutal and beautiful. Your little girl’s interpretation made me think of that one =)

    Thanks for sharing! I’m excited for the day when my little Boy starts saying big words too. And thank you for coming over to my blog so fast tonight! I have loved getting to know you a little bit more thru these weekly five minute posts =) Can’t wait to hug you at Allume!

    • I don’t read her blog, but I think I need to. :) Oh, the days when they are first discovering new words are the BEST! Enjoy them! :) I know…can’t wait to give you a great, big (in)RL hug, too, sweet friend! Blessings! :)

  5. So cute. Oh how I’d love to get Mae and my 3 year old together :) They would have such fun and beaufitul times :) Love you, friend! So happy for you getting to stay home with her and enjoy this mommy time. Living vicariously through you on that one 😉

    • Wouldn’t they have fun? Oh, I hope that play date will happen soon! :) Love back to you, sweet friend…hope you’re having a fantastic Friday! :)

  6. These little girls really bring a new understanding of beauty, don’t they?! There truly always is a reason to smile at the end of the day, always something to laugh about. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I loved the little way your kids say ‘beautiful’ and it is beautiful! So lovely that you can look back at each day and feel like there is always a reason to smile. :)

    Happy Friday!

  8. Aww! This post made me think of my 4 year old daughter. I agree that there is alway a reason to smile! Your new picture is beautiful:)


  9. Your daughter is a beautiful blessing.

  10. Oh how I love this!

  11. AHHHHHH!!!! Smiling so big over here. I love it, what a wonderful take on the prompt this week. Don’t ever ever ever correct her on the pronunciation!

    • :) Thank you, friend…yep, I think we’re going to let that *beaufitul* pronunciation last as long as possible! Have a great weekend, Amanda!

  12. Dear Mel
    Oh, I think you were blessed out of your socks by this beaufitul little darling from heaven! And she is right, her mommy is beaufitul. Not only outward (which is gorgeous, by the way), but also that still, inward beauty that is so precious and beaufitul in our Pappa’s eyes.
    Much love XX

    • Thank you for your sweet words, Mia. She is definitely the biggest blessings…it’s a good thing I like to be barefoot, because she does bless my socks off! :) Have a great weekend, friend!

  13. Mel –
    She really is! And I am so glad that you shared these beautiful thoughts. I remember well those mispronounced words & how precious they were to me. I held onto them as long as I could :) This journey of motherhood is beautiful for sure! I visited from Lisa Jo’s this morning.
    Happy Friday!

    • Thank you for visiting, Joanne! This is the one word I especially want to hang on to as long as possible…I’ll even catch myself saying it “her” way when I’m around her. :) Blessings and happy Friday!

  14. There’s nothing like those sweet syllable mixups when they first start talking, and there’s nothing like their honesty. I’m sure the flowers, the car, and you are truly beautiful! Stopping by from Five Minute Friday.

  15. … and no one says it better, sweeter, more lovelier, yes?

  16. Life is beautiful isn’t it? I sometimes forget that. Thanks for always make me smile with your stories. I don’t know about the flower or the car but I know you, my friend, are very beaufitul in every way.

  17. I love when our babes say something that make our hearts melt. It puts a smile on my face that nothing could wipe away.

  18. Perfect. I love that we just talked about this yesterday and now it’s your Friday word. :) She’s so adorable. I love how everything is beaufitul to her.

    • :) Yep…I love seeing life through her eyes. Thanks again for the walk and talk yesterday…was nice to catch up a little. :)

  19. Oh I love this… I love when they see beauty all around them and point it out and make us notice! And I LOVE your profile pix… you are Beaufitul!!! She is right!

  20. I love this! My son said words in the oddest ways sometimes too and we were also loathe to correct him because well… You can’t get any cuter than… “Mommy don’t getfor (forget)…” or “Cholocalate” – He’s 17 now and he gets a little red in the face when I remind him how adorable he was… but my heart squeezes just a bit when I know I don’t have that little boy any more – enjoy your girlie friend… every moment is sooooo good… even the ones that don’t feel like it… it’s all “beaufitul.”

    • Getfor…LOVE it! Thanks for the reminder that it’s all…ALL of it…good. :) Aren’t we so blessed?! Love to you, friend…have a happy weekend! :)

  21. How sweet. I love the little funny pronunciations kids have. They are special memories. Live is not always easy, but it is beautiful and beaufitul. You are beautiful too, my friend. I really love your new picture that was on your thumbnail. It really captures your energy and spirit!

    • Thank you, friend, for your sweet words. :) I know that *beaufitul* is a memory I will hold in my heart forever. Blessings and happy weekend to you!

  22. It is so hard most days to see all the beautiful things He places around us :) I think beautiful is a heart condition…..when we see things through His eyes, we see the purpose and beauty in each and everything. You are always a blessing.. thank you for sharing your heart and your sweet girl :)

    • Thank you, friend! :) I would agree with you…when we make that choice to see beauty, He shows it. Have a great weekend!

  23. Oh how cute is that! I hope she never stops saying it that way. Thank you for the reminder that every day is beautiful!

  24. Aww, Mel, your girl is beautiful, just like her mama…too precious :)

  25. Oh barefoot friend – I love this! Oh how I adore the ways kids make up their own language. I feel certain, God will give you beaufitul moments throughout this journey that will take your breath away…your first sight of her in her graduation gown, her prom dress, her wedding dress, holding her own little one…all beaufitul gifts from God. Enjoy every single one!!! Love, love.

    • Thank you! :) I’m so thankful for every single moment…she truly is such a blessing and joy in my life. Blessings and happy weekend! :)

  26. Oh, I LOVE the way she says that — you just want to keep it in your heart forever. So precious. Have a blessed weekend.

  27. Love their words when they’re little – just so precious. And this one – love it especially. What a treasure and a gift – something to cherish and hold on to.

  28. She is so adorable!! Hope you have yourself a wonderful weekend!!

  29. Love it!! We love little words around here. I never want to correct them. In fact, I still write on a bumcuter (computer). Those little words certainly are beaufitul treasures :)

  30. This brings back such sweet memories of my kids’ mispronunciations. My daughter used to say “la-lu” for “I love you.” She is almost ten now and she still says it that sometimes when she is being cute.

    Have a beaufitul weekend!

  31. Lovely post, Mel! It’s amazing what we can learn from our kids’ mispronunciations. What a great memory for you to carry as well.

  32. Those sweet, goofy words are just the best! Visiting from FMF Happy weekend to you!

  33. So sweet Mel…beaufitul :) I’m with you in finding community and chasing dreams and acknowledging He gives gifts and they are beautiful! Blessings to you..xo

  34. So cute! And yes motherhood and being a wife is the most beautiful journey EVER!

  35. Miss Mel-
    You preached a good word, there were SO many comments i had to scroll before getting to the bottom.!. i really liked what you said; in a simple way your daughter is teaching us something very important-to see things as beautiful :) and i bet she’s just the cutest when she says it too!
    The picture of her on the swing and your new blog photo are…oh what’s the word? BEAUTIFUL

    • You are so sweet…thank you, Katie! I love seeing the world through her eyes…everything is beautiful and worth stopping to soak in. It’s such a great reminder. :) Blessings, friend!

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