Yeah, I know I made up that word


Warning: This got really, really long. :) And, oh… it is FULL of my opinions today, so you can take

it or leave it. Seriously…you’ve been warned.

A few years ago I had my students memorize James 3. I let them choose the chapter they memorized, under certain criteria, and I believe it won the class vote because of the length.

Hey, they were 5th graders. :) I memorized it with them, and what I didn’t tell them? How much I learned from it…and how completely convicting it was. (If you’re not familiar with the chapter, go ahead and read it.

I’m not going to post it here…you can look it up.) Basically it deals with controlling your tongue, which was actually a very good topic for us to talk about in 5th grade…it provided some excellent conversations.

And the kids just thought they were getting a short chapter to memorize…haha!

No matter how “old” I get, I have to constantly keep my tongue in check…and keep a filter on my words, whether I’m speaking, facebooking, or blogging.

And that can be hard.

A confession.

Daily…and I do mean Every Single Day…I laugh at the status updates of people on Facebook who seemingly have no filter on the things they share with the world.

Maybe that’s not the nicest thing…very possibly, it’s the writer in me that finds it both funny and absurd.

I’m just that way…I need to make sure that before I send something into public cyberworld that I check over what I’m sharing and that I keep what needs to be private…just that, private.

That’s why I surprised myself yesterday when I completely contradicted every standard I’ve ever held myself to in terms of blogging, and I wrote an article without checking it over.


I. always. proofread.

And I almost always take things out because I feel like I’m sharing either too much or unnecessary information.

Or too much unnecessary information? :)

Thankfully, there were no grammar errors, which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. That’s pretty uncommon for me, though, because I tend to read over each sentence before moving on to the next one. However…

I did use the word, fart.

Really, Mel, did you want to use that word?

I am fully aware that in some circles, that word is not entirely appropriate. That, and it’s just not professional, which…well, I walk a fine line between professionalism and having a good time when I write, anyway. So it wasn’t that I was worried about what people would think of me.

Other than the fact that I used the word, fart.

I find it slightly comical now, and truthfully, I could go back and change it.

I could, but I won’t.

At the time, I w as in

a silly mood. (I would have had to be to write an entire post about Whoopie Pies.

:)) The word fit my mood at the time, even if it caused me to shake my head and roll my eyes today.

Whatever…it’s me.

And when I put my thoughts and emotions out there every single day, there are bound to be days that I wish I had not said something or used a certain word. We all wish we could take back things

we say.

But no matter what, I am bound and determined to use a filter on my words as much as possible, even though I will slip up now

and then.

So back to why I think so many Facebook status updates are completely ridiculous.

If I’m so dying to share that I just had a bagel or that my dog stepped on my foot, I’ll sms a friend. Or call my husband…I’m sure he’ll totally appreciate the distraction in his day just to know that Sammy has possibly dislocated my little toe.

I just don’t understand when I open up my home page and see six posts in a row from someone…just had breakfast; new post (2 minutes later)…leaving for my job; 3 minutes later…stuck in traffic…

And don’t even GET me going on people who update their status while they’re driving. That’s another post for

another day.

The point is…filter, my friends. Share once in awhile…even a few times a day is good…but I don’t need every detail of your lives. If you want to share that much, get a blog or something. :)

I read an article recently on the ten things you should never do on Facebook…and a lot of them have to do with status updates and how the things you are sharing now could hurt your future. (I’m not going to link to it because I don’t endorse some of the language used.

However…if you want to read it, google it. It’ll come up.)

It made me think twice, and I’m pretty sure you will, too.

So if anyone was offended by my use of a certain word yesterday, I am truly sorry.

It wasn’t meant to be that way, and the purpose of my blog is not

to step on toes.

Filterize my mouth…and my life. That’s my new goal.

Want to make it yours, too




  1. Hiya Mel! Happy Monday! I, for one, am not easily offended and put far too much weight on the possible opinions of others and what they may or may not think of me or my obvious quirks.

    Some days we are silly. Some days we are serious. Some days we are a little bit of both. Some days we are going with the flow and some days we are struggling to keep our head above water.

    Share what’s on your heart Mel. That’s my suggestion.

    Have a wonderful day!

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