So yesterday was hard…and honestly, it got more difficult even after I posted.

But that was yesterday.

Today His mercies are new, and I have seen them all over my day.

I love how things that seem so small turn into such blessings.

Like three hours spent with a friend helping her do some “mindless-but-necessary-and-important teacher stuff”. (And it really was important, so it’ s ok for me to

say that. :)) We h ad

some good conversations that were convicting for me…things that I really need to think ab out.

So I’m thankful.

Or like a comment from a new blogging friend who is going through some of the same things I am.

Or linking to an absolutely phenomenal post that so connected with me exactly where I am right now.

I wanted to copy and paste the entire thing here, but my husband informed me that it’s not a good idea in the blogging world to do that. So I’ll have to trust you, my wonderful readers, to head on over here and check it out. It is worth your time and will leave you smiling really, really BIG. 😀

Although Mela’s entire writing was great, there was one thing that just stuck with me.

And that? Is worth repeating.

“My fears could have counted me out.

I felt the enemy telling me to keep my head down, go through the motions and keep my mouth shut. But, as I pushed through, God’s plans, and the faith He provides, kicked in.”

Sometimes I feel like that.

Like so many aspects of life would be easier if I just gave into fear and didn’t share the things going on in my heart.

That’s why it was so hard to start my own blog…because I know myself.

I know the Mel inside who has so many passions and strong beliefs that have been kept silent because of fear. And I want to scream them all out at once, but I know that’s not practical at all, either.


And anyway, some of you would probably run screaming.

So I’ll refrain, for now.

But I have so many hopes for this blog…not just because I want a ton of readers and hits. That’s not the point, although I would definitely take more blog traffic. :)

It’s because I believe I have a story…a lot of them, in fact. God is doing some big things in the middle of some crazy life changes.

I got one of the biggest compliments ever yesterday in an e-mail. A friend told me I had a true gift for writing.

I’m not sure anyone has ever told me that before.

And it meant so much to my heart. In a non-prideful way, it was exactly what I needed to hear to keep going.

So yesterday I was drained, but today I am filled.

And ready, once again, to write from the places in my heart that most people haven’t seen yet.

Thanks for reading.


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