Embrace It

Is there one particular quality you don’t really love about yourself?

I definitely have one. (Actually, a bunch, but tonight you just get one.) :)

And since Mae and I had a pretty long day, I decided you get to read all about that ONE quality tonight.

I’m a total klutz.

I always have been…I’m pretty good at hurting myself doing bizarre things.

Like the time I w as

trying to make Maelie laugh and made a sliding-superhero entrance into the living room…and totally crashed into a wall. (And Tobin laughed at me. Dork :P)

Or the time I was juggling in an attempt to entertain her again (see a theme here?!) and I totally ate it down the basement stairs. My butt was sore for days.

Yeah, I’ m just cool like that.

And I’ve got a dozen more random stories of things I’ve done that confirm my total klutzy-ness.

Tonight I pulled a pretty good one. Actually two good ones within the span of about twenty minutes.

(I should totally win an award.)

I was putting laundry away and yanked the drawer out to put Tobin’s socks away.

The entire drawer came flying out and landed square on my foot.

(Ok, I suppose we can debate as to whether this was a moment of being a klutz or a possessed dresser drawer. I’ll let you debate.)

For a few minutes I thought something was broken, but after crying to Tobin after awhile I figured it was probably just a good bruise.

I limped for awhile but needed to get Maelie’s bath going…so I kind of ignored it.

Until I bent down to check the temperature of her bath water.

And I totally stubbed my last three toes on the toilet. (Seriously, WHO does that?)

I guess

I do.

That hurt more than the dresser drawer falling on my foot. (Still hurts.)

I am such a klutz.

Sometimes I just cannot understand how God could possibly give so many clumsy characteristics to ONE person.


I guess He has a sense of humor. :)

Anyway, so yeah.

My foot kinda hurts tonight. (But I’m still planning to run in the morning because I’m also stubborn.

At least I’m going to try…and I hope I can.)

With all of this accident-prone-ness that tends to infiltrate my daily life, I have two choices.

Hate it.

Or embrace it.

Honestly, it’s part of who I am.

So I guess I choose to embrace it.

And if you’re lucky enough to be a fellow-klutz, I hope you embrace it, too.

‘Cause we’re a pretty special group of people. 😉


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