Easter Blessings

This morning was: 1) the first time we’d been in church on Easter in six years; and 2) the first time we’d been in a Lutheran church for Easter.

I have to say Amen! to both.

Here’s why.

The six years thing was our choice and boiled down to several reasons which I will not go into here.

We have always celebrated Easter, just not always in a church. Today, being among hundreds of people who were worshipping and celebrating the glorious Resurrection was so, so wonderful.

My heart was ready for that celebration, and I can’ t begin

to describe how emotional it was for me to watch the cross being carried down

the aisle.

Each church and denomination has its own traditions regarding Easter, and each tradition is a blessing

in its own way…today just really spoke to my heart.

Watching the cross being carried in and out of the church while we sang. Responding multiple times to Pastor’s He is risen! with He is risen, indeed!


Each time we said it, I felt love rising up within me more and more.

He is Risen!

Because of that, sin no longer has power over me.

I can live with the full knowledge that I am Forgiven…and I am His. Forever.

That’s incredible!

Today was such a blessing.

And even aside from church, the blessings just flowed over the weekend. A spur-of-the-moment movie night with friends and chocolate chip whoopie pies…mmm. :) Our dear neighbors brought over a little stuffed bunny for Maelie.

Our sweet friends across the street gave Mae an Easter basket that brought me to tears.

(And if she was old enough to understand, Mae probably would’ve cried, too. Well, if she ends up with her mommy’s emotions.) :) A last minute invitation to join some friends for dinner today…great food and good conversations…and even an evening swim for me and Mae…her first time in a pool. And she LOVED it!

So blessed.

He is Risen! He is Risen, indeed! Alleluia!


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