Diet Coke, Anyone?

Ok, we are on the second week in a row of Diet Coke instead of coffee and a big fat headache.

Oh, shoot. That’s a bummer.

I blame it on the weather. Frustrating.

Today if you came over, you wouldn’t find me vegging on the couch…I’m not feeling quite as bad as last week. I’m just feeling busy, and (of course) headaches tend to show up on my busy days.

So I have clearly overcommitted myself in the next few days, especially since my in-laws will be in town for two of those days. I am trying to breathe and smile since most of what I have committed myself to are things I truly enjoy. Like music and coffee and more music. Oh, and royal weddings.

For a brief moment I entertained the idea of inviting a bunch friends over to watch with me at 3 a.m. But when the first person I mentioned it to was like, “Um, no,” I accepted the fact that none of them are as crazy as I am. I am still going to watch it. I will even wake up for a bit of the pre-wedding coverage, but I doubt I’ ll make it through the whole thing.

I’m going to watch the whole shebang in all of its pre-recorded glory at a decent hour.

(Thanks, Alison.)

I kinda wonder what it must be like to be Kate Middleton.

The girl is beautiful…and truly carries herself like a princess. I love it that she is so classy and just the girl next door.

(I really want to have coffee with her.) She is just the type of girl I want to see actually become royalty. (Listen to me, I sound like she’s going to be my princess or something!) As happy as I can be for a girl I don’t know, I’m happy for her.

😉 I wish her and Prince William a lifetime of happiness and love. (And may the paparazzi stay far, far away.)

Maelie has been a superb napper this week.

This is a very good thing since from the second she’s gone to sleep, the guitar has been in my hands for hours. I truly love to play and sing. Sometimes I wish I was better, but the fact that not all the notes are perfect doesn’t take away the pleasure of it. I love music.

And as stinkin’ nervous as I am about tomorrow night, I’m also looking forward to it. Music is one of my favorite things.

I also got to do something tonight I hadn’t done in eleven years…play handbells. I was not good. But it was still fun, there was a lot of mercy extended to me, and I’ve been blessed with the ability to laugh at myself, which was necessary several times tonight. Then I had praise team practice…it was nice to know most of the songs for once. 😀

I’ m starting to get the itch for real spring to show up.

Really, enough with these mid-40’s days. I’M COLD! AND I WANT TO BE WARM!

Ok, I’ ll quit ranting about the weather today.

Soon enough I’ll be complaining that it’s too hot.

Wow, I’ve been random today, which is pretty much the way I am when it comes to coffee…ahem, Diet Coke.

But I want to end with something from Bible study that really challenged me.

I’ve mentioned that we started a new Beth Moore study on the Fruits of the Spirit, and it’s good. Really good. She was talking about being filled with the Spirit and said, “There is nothing our fleshly desires can give us that is worth what they take from us.”

Wow. Powerful. I’ve been thinking about that today, and I’m not sure what it means for me…yet. But I’m thankful for those little things that God keeps giving me to think over and process. He’s working in my heart even if the words to verbalize what He’s doing aren’t there yet.

Wishing you all a wonderful (almost) Friday! Thanks for stopping by!


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