Sometimes I forget it’s where I should be, this place of dependence.

Because I get wrapped up in all that surrounds me.

I act as though the blessings around me aren’t fulfilling, aren’t a testimony of His mercy and grace in my life.

As if that free gift, the only thing I ever truly need, isn’t enough for me to feel complete.

Can I be honest with you, friends?

I hate the lies that I, all too often, allow Satan to feed me. What’s worse, I believe them.

When they start to overtake even a tiny corner of my mind, it’s all downhill.

His grip is powerful but not as powerful as my Father’s.

Life, lately, has seemed to be just this…allowing aspects of it to become overshadowed by untruth. Words hurt, lies creep in, and I let my heart get so wrapped up in those other things around me that it no longer belongs completely to my Father. My wholeness is found in the imperfect of this world rather than the perfect Love of Him.

Deep breath…

…because His mercies are new each and every day. He is my Rock. I won’t be shaken. He’ll lift me up and help me to stand. Give overwhelming, all-sufficient grace that is more than enough for each day.

Sometimes I think being dependent in this way is the best place to be.

Because when life is perfect, we somehow forget about the need.

But I? Most certainly need Him.

Father, keep me in the place where I never, ever forget that.


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