Daddy, Mommy, and Maelie

I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile.

When I see Mae right next to her daddy, I always think she looks like

him. Everyone else seems to think the same thing, too.

I didn’t have photos for both of us that were at exactly one year, but these are close enough.

When I look at both of our baby pictures, maybe there is a little hope that there’s some of her mommy in there


Enjoy. :)

First up? The real star of the show…not the greatest shot of her, but it works. Who do you think she looks like


Ok, now me…I think this pic is close to 1 1/2 years old. And, yeah, I had a ton of hair.

And the hubby…by the way, Happy Father’s Day, honey!

😀 My guess is that this one is about the same time frame for Tob…but we weren’t really sure.



  1. Adorable pictures!

    As of right now, I think she looks like her daddy, but let me say this… most cases the oldest daughter grows up to look just like her mama. I see it all the time! So, for now….no worries!

    And those cheeks…….oh my!

    It’s cold and rainy here in Colorado, hope your Monday is a bit better!


    • Aw, thanks, my sweet friend. Yeah…she totally looks like her daddy, but I guess we’ll see! The day started off rainy but we got some good sunshine this afternoon…so Mae and I went walkin’ and played outside. Was fun. :) (((Hugs))) back! Love ya!

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