Crazy and THE CAKE

Crazy day. A good one, one that I’ll write much more about over the week.

We celebrated our girl tonight.

(Her birthday is actually Tuesday, but weekend parties are just better for everyone.)

And what a fun night it was!

We got the most perfect weather…low 70’s and sunny, lots of friends and fun and ( too

much) food.

I love memories, and THE CAKE is definitely one

I will always remember.

My dear friend, Kris, spent over two hours helping me put it together, and we were pretty proud of how it turned out.

I think Maelie liked it, too. :)

The Cake
The Cake
Maelie eating cake



  1. What a cute idea!!!! I was wondering what 91 cupcakes were going to be transformed into… I know! YUM!

    Happy Birthday Mae! You’re a precious girl with a precious mommy (and daddy). A gift. Truly!

    • And wouldn’t you know…this cake lovin’ girl didn’t want ANY after making it! Something about spending so much time around that much cake and frosting made it completely unappealing. But I did have a cupcake later, and it was good. :)

  2. I am just playing “catch up” with your blog and Maelie’s birthday is where I started! What a fun cake! Thanks for sharing her day through your blog and pictures! Love ya!

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