Contemplating Joy

My sweet blogging friend, 10 cheap generic mg nolvadex”>Sara, passed away late last night.

She is at peace, in the presence of both her earthly fat

her and her Heavenly Father, pain free, and dancing.

Dancing…I’m sure of it. :) There are so many reasons to find joy though  my heart aches for her family and friends.

Please keep them in your prayers this week as they say goodbye.

This morning I went to sign in to my blog to find out it was

hacked. Big time. What a mess.

Yeah, it stressed me out, but I was able to leave it alone and go on with my morning. Maybe thinking about Sara just put things in perspective…it is only a blog.

And five hours later, it was back up.

I realized when changing Mae’s diaper right before I had to leave for church that her rash had gotten worse and that she now had it by her mouth and on her feet as well. No church for the girl…home with daddy it was.

Despite her rash, though, Mae was a really happy girl today, full of laughter and giggles…and joy.

And I went to church this morning, discovering all three of these things within less than an hour of when I had to be there.

I was full of anything but joy…but I was aware of it, and I prayed that God would give me that joy.

I found a friend right before praise team practice, let some tears flow, and moved on, determined to smile.

Friends, it is true that God gives joy, even on the bad days.

There were So. Many. Reasons. To. Smile. today.

:) Time at church that left my heart happy.

:) I really, really love to sing. And we sang my very favorite song ever today. That was special.

:) Absolutely gorgeous sunshine, which defied the weatherman for the second day in a row.


:) Time to get a few things done and to…ahem…cook. (Still not sure if I find joy in cooking, but whatever.)

:) A sweet end to the Packers/Bears game.

:) Good friends (and Bears fans!) to watch the game with.

:) All of us laughing hysterically at the antics of Mae…there will be a picture posted very, very soon of her toddling around in her too-big footie pj’s. So, so funny.

It did my heart good to laugh that hard!

:) A bit of reflecting and realizing what a gift Sara was to so, so many people. I will miss her but am so thankful for the piece of her heart she left with each of us.

God is Good.

And He gives Joy.



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