Confession Time

They say it’s good for the soul, right?

In my case, my confessions are probably just more good for entertainment than anything. :)

I totally opened a box of Maelie’s fruit snacks. There was already another box opened, but I wanted a different flavor. As a bonus? This citrus lovin’ girl got a packet of 7 orange, 2 lemon, and just 1 grape! (I know. I’m a dork. For multiple reasons, but mostly because I count my fruit snacks. ;))

Hang on, because I could potentially get dorkier as this post goes on…

I crocheted a hat. Last week my awesome friend, Becky, taught me to do a double stitch, and the rest is history. I was hooked. BAHAHAHAHA! 😀

Please tell me you at least cracked a smile?!?!

A big thank you goes out to youtube and the b-gillion tutorials they have for crocheting everything from a sweater to gloves to a sleeping bag. Ok, ok, I didn’t really find that on youtube. But I’m sure it is out there…somewhere.

Ok, so back to crocheting. I’ve literally been lusting over those uber-cute hats with flowers. Kinda like this one.

Are you ready for my big news?

I MADE ONE! And it’s super, super cute…like, I kind of can’t believe that Mel+a crochet hook+yarn made something that awesome. (But I can’t show you a picture yet ’cause I need to figure out how to attach the flower…come back tomorrow.)

Thinkin’ I love this crocheting thing. Yeah. :)

I’m really, really tired. It’s barely 10 p.m. and my eyelids are droopy. I crashed early last night, too…and realized I’ve kind of been go-go-going a lot in the last week. Thankful for a Monday and a chance to just hang out with my girl without having to be anywhere. Though I think some coffee is definitely on our morning agenda. Should you be in the area, hop over. As long as you don’t mind if my house is kind of a mess.

I wore sandals to church this morning. So I put them on when I was running around the house getting ready, mostly as a way to keep the bottom of my pants from getting all dog-hairy. Hey, it happens with two goldens in the house. 😉 Fully intended on putting real shoes on before I left…and fully forgot. It was in the 30’s/40’s. My toes were ice by then end of church. Lesson learned, I guess.

It is exactly 10:03 p.m. and I’m crashing.

I’ll be back tomorrow, though. Hope your weekend was a good one!



  1. If you show me how to crochet a hat, I’ll show you my crochet stitch bible — you will drool on those bare feet of yours! :)

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