Cold Toes

Summer is turning to fall.

I feel it mostly in the air. And, in my cold toes.

A few days ago, I caved and put socks on. (I usually reserve those only for when I go running.) Refusing to give in to actual shoes, I even tromped outside, sporting the socks and flip flop look for a day or two. SO not cool, Mel…oh, the fashion police I will offend just to avoid shoes.


However, I did finally give in over the weekend and pull out my combat boots. You know, those steal-of-a-deal ones I so fortunately nabbed at Goodwill last December? Yeah, those. :) I smiled as I dusted them off and may or may not have let out a giggle when I realized the last time I wore them was the day we tromped six-ish miles through Pareeee. (Sorry, that was my epic failure of an attempt to sound French.)


And though they were real shoes, I have to admit that my feet liked them very much as I stomped the last bits of European dust off.

I’m sad, though…I’m gonna need to find some replacements very soon. While they’ll work for my Monday-Saturday life for a while longer, I really shouldn’t wear them to church anymore.

Yes, I did say anymore.

I wore them all the time last winter/spring. I do believe that makes me insanely cool. 😉

Really, I am pretty ready for fall and all that comes with it…crunchy leaves :), pecan pie, pumpkin spice coffee creamer (found that one a couple weeks ago already!!!), apple cider, sweaters and jeans, going for a morning run when the leaves are pretty, raking the leaves into a big pile and jumping into them because I’m making up for my Indo, fall-less years.

Aaaaahhhh. :)

All of that fun?

Is definitely worth the cold toes. :)

And just because I can…this pic is a couple years old. (Obviously…the girlie is teeny-tiny!) But I love it.


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